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A wikiwonder!

Post by Graaf Statler » Thu Jan 17, 2019 11:18 am

Link naar de Kroeg WPNL
We zijn overigens momenteel in overleg om te kijken of Emiel Rijshouwer op de WikiconNL (8-9 maart) kan spreken over zijn proefschrift. Met vriendelijke groet, AWossink - WMNL (overleg) 17 jan 2019 09:34 (CET)

For the first time in all this years! The writer of a acedemic study about Wikipedia as a guest on your wikimemia conference and not someone who hasn't the slightest what Wikipedia really is! A wonder has happend! After all that eighteen years! Not a Romaine with his uilskuiken academy, not someone out of a other field who doesn't know anything about wikipedia, other than everybody knows, no, a real expert! Someone who made a serious study of what Wikipedia is!

After years and years of warning, absolute not only by me, millions of euro's donor money flushed to the toilet with nonsense like Romaine's Brussels advocating group and many failed projects they understood something has to change! That Drmies aka Natuur12 and Vintroll maybe where not the perfect wiki managers they thought. That a Moira troll bot run by a few paranoia autistic kids not was that briljant idea they thought. But now, yes, dat ik het nog mag meemaken, they have seen the light after EIGHTEEN years!

Hallelujah, praise the lord! And welcome in the empire of puddingheads. In 2009 I said ask a expert, start your own study, something is wrong here. And yes, after NINE years and a SanFanBan and years of making a lot of noise on America based fora my advice has reach trough the pudding in there heads there main office in Utrecht! After years and years blundering. Wikipedia is really a great invention!

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