And tomorrow........

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And tomorrow........

Post by Graaf Statler » Tue Mar 19, 2019 9:45 pm

Tomorrow we have elections what are much and mutch more important than article13 and Frau Reda. After yesterday a chaotic day, with chaotic news, we had a chaotic election debad on television, and this way we are making us ready for the very, very important 2019 Dutch provincial elections, wikipedia has a article in English.
What will be the future of the political cousin of Frau Merkel, Mark Rutte? Well, my bet is Rutte get some high function in Brussels and we new elections for the parlement.
And in this way, business as usual in Europe, drifts we year after year over the political European high seas. Will there be a Brexit? From the first moment on I was thinking no, and still I am thinking that.

Jimbo twitters with every incident complete his twitter full with all kind of thinks people are thinking and saying, It is clear he is not a European.
Because we don't care, we don't pay any attention on politics. Some of us vote, absolute not all, most of us only know how's the King and Maxima his wife, who is the Minister President and Wilders and a few others, but for the rest...................

It is a circus, a never ending soap. People life there life and let them, politicians, op de winkel passen. To watch after the shop. And the politicians? They drink coffee.
Coffee? Yes.They are al drinking coffee together all day, doesn't matter what party, complete irrelevant and are making deals. They are making only deals. If I help you there, I will help you here. Pakkage deals are they making while they are drinking coffee. Our political system is based on drinking coffee with the right person or take him out for lunch or dinner.
And article11and 13? Just a part of some pakkage deal, I asure you. Political uninteresting and irrelevant, 10 stations are already past after that debat. History, political history.

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