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playing the Algoritme

Post by Graaf Statler » Fri Apr 12, 2019 8:34 am

Now I understand where they use het Achterkamertje for, and why they often put my contributes whitout any reason there. ... d=53418020

It is complete rubbish what these guys are writing there, it is not possible to understand where it is about and it contains only keywords and it is complete unclear why it is put in het Achterkamertje. All the time they are promoting there communicatiecursus over online communiceren, now again by Ecritures. It is not logical, it is no argument, it can only be to influence the algorithm. Why should Sandra mention all the time in here signature the fact she is the director of Wikimedia? Only for the reason to to influence and manipulate the algorithm who are getting better and better, so they have to behave themself absurder and absurder.

Alex Voss was talking about governing by shitstorm in the European parlement, and that is what these people are doing. All the time they are pimping themself because there results are worthless. They fail, they constant fail. There Pirate Party has failed, they never reach there goals, they only collect money and that is the only goal they reach. They are like Judas who tuned out be a thief, he didn't want to help the poor at all! Neither they want.

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