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Wikipedia's Jimmy Wales wanted to save journalism. He didn't
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Author:  Graaf Statler [ Sun Apr 28, 2019 1:37 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Wikipedia's Jimmy Wales wanted to save journalism. He di

For our English readers, what Dominique Weesie is claiming in the fragment is in general "the advanced Dutch person" is not interested in gender neutrality, the Zwarte Piet, Black Pete discusion and other social justice items. Weesie is complete right and that is what makes the whole gender approach, the Julia Reda march to the Europarlement and the complete social justice discussion of Wikimedia/Wikipedia so rediciles.

What also is right is what one of the guest claims is we have not strict political right or left media, a medium must be attractive for anyone in Holland, both newspapers as tv programs. But Ymnes has a obsession against everything what is right wing, De telegraaf, a Dutch right wing newspaper and powerNed, he want to have it banned. But both de Telegraaf and PowNed, the richt wing media have often very nice items for everyone, otherwise you can not survive in Holland.

Holland is a state controlled country govern by high civil servants and that gives the stability. Politicians are more or less a kind of controllers, that is all. Somey mentioned what will happen if a cruise missile hits a painting of Rembrand, well both the Nachtwacht as the Rijksmuzeum are owned by the Dutch state. Beside I think there is not much to save if that happens I suppose they have made a perfect scan. Everything is state controlled or state owned in Holland, the newspapers indirect by "De Raad voor de journalistiek", the institutions, the university's, the hospitals, the schools, everything!

Holland is run by professionals like a firm, we pay a lot of taxes but have to care about nothing. That is what makes the people total uninterested in many things here and the activity's of the chapter so rediciles. There is simple no need for them, so they have to really on total lunatics like Ymnes because everyone else would say walk to the hell, it is rediciles what you want.

And that is the reason why the chapter and Wikipedia only exist out of lunatics. The goals WMF want them to reach are simple not in reach here, and that is the reason they create all kind of social justice not existing goals. A hot free source summer in Europe! The streets of the Europe towns are filled upon with protesters against article13! Julia Reda, the leading MEP in the Europarlement! The revolutionary Alex Voss! No woman is safe in Holland, it is terrible, everywhere she is gripped in her pussy! You need at least two female bodyguards to walk safe in the streets as a woman in Holland! Crazy things, really crazy. If you want a baby, ask a man to handel over a a test tube with sperm, stay to arm lengths away, and give him a hand if you leave. We need a professional museum vistor to ask for high definition scans to put them on Commons with a commercial part in the license. State owned museums!! (Wikimedia Belgium, really.)

Of course you need a half tramp like Mdd to push this kind of nonsense, did you ever see where he is living? Or a mental handicapt idiot like Romaine living form some state support. Or a Danielle desperate beging for a WIR job. Or a Sandra with some shitty advice office who has now a great job with a high salary to predict complete nonsens.
The WMF money and the honour be a part of the Wiki family who has acces to institutions and university's attracts losers and idiots who are willing to run naked over De Dam with a pirate flag in there hand to keep there Wiki benefits. Because for them the alternative is the social service department!

WMF checks nothing. I gave the example of the prono gender articles in the annual report to WMF "what made Sandra so proud". The production of Yimnes and his loyalty to WMF is incredible. Every chapter newsletter, Signpost, chapter news of Romaines trollomedia Belgium is on the same level as the world news. This is the guys they are looking for! Persons like SjoerddeBruin, RonnieV, TBloeming, Mdd, Multichill/Romaine, Jurgen-NL, yes this is what they want! Because only a fool can join this club!

Author:  Graaf Statler [ Sun Apr 28, 2019 6:09 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Wikipedia's Jimmy Wales wanted to save journalism. He di

Here, this is a nice view inside in the way this kind of guys are thinking. Guidelines for sysops and Yimnes has started a edit war with Encycloon. Ymnes is a sysop there.

Een verdubbeling van een blokkering of ophoging tot een minimale duur van een maand wordt opgelegd, wanneer een op Wikinieuws geblokkeerde gebruiker elders verhaalt haalt of zich negatief uitlaat over Wikinieuws. Het gaat om uitingen op alle projecten van de Wikimedia Foundation, maar ook indien het duidelijk om dezelfde gebruiker gaat op een andere website of medium. Indien de betreffende gebruiker na een melding op zijn overlegpagina hierin persisteert, kan de blokkering opnieuw verdubbeld worden. Indien de moderator daar aanleiding toe ziet, kan hij besluiten tot een hogere blokkering, inclusief voor onbepaalde tijd.

If you say anything wrong about Wikinews, also on other places on the internet your block will be doubled on Wikinews. It is forbidden to have any critic on Wikinews, anywhere! Well, it seems clear to me Graaf Statler is the devil in person, so his SanFanBan with this kind of guys and a fool like James Alexander playing with the most powerful block tool of WMF is not as strange as it seems. I am at the same level as the people who have very wrong things for them, for them it is not possible to see the difference for them. Wiki rules, arbcom, laws, anything is the same for them. It is all on the same flat level. Killing someone is the same as critic wikinews. The wikimedia newsletter and Kutpung's, sorry Kudpung's crap Signpost is the same as the world news, because that filter is leaking.

Author:  Graaf Statler [ Mon Apr 29, 2019 1:42 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Wikipedia's Jimmy Wales wanted to save journalism. He di


Verder lukt het je niet om in te gaan op serieuze argumenten die ik aanreik, zoals enkele zware activisten tegen dit project. Dit heeft helemaal geen zin zo. Ymnes (overleg) 28 apr 2019 18:23 (CEST)

A few people had there doubts about Wikinews in that time with good arguments. Because all wikinews projects are dying, it was never a succes and the Dutch Wikinews was closed years ago for that reason. Heavy activists.
Just as we see with with Vigilant is it clear it is not possible to talk in a normal way with this kind of people and are they behaving in a very strange way. Because, when did Vigilant start his strange crusade against me? After I had kicked Bart Versieck out of my mailbox with the message if you now don't get lost with your shit mails you can expect a letter of my lawyer. Bart first came here, Eric kicked him out and in his panic he ren to Vigilant on Wikipediocrazy. And Vig started some strange troll shitstorm including doxxing and lost track and track and track and started this topic. And at they end he pulled as a real magician a rabbit out of his hat, HA! You hated school, so you must have a huge mental defect and yes, WMF, it was a good Ban, well done.

Vig: I need a psychiatric rapport of a American psychiatrist!
You don't need nothing Vig! Nothing you hear me? You don't need my private date where Bart is fishing for years for, you don't need my bank info what Bart tried many times to get with mails pay a little money and send me the inlog so I can see a television program in Belgium, you don't have to send me mails what leads me to all kind of sites I will normally never visit and links to Wikipedia sock trolling, nothing! Get out of my private life, and stay out of it!

You don't have to give all kind of hints you know who my relatives are, and if you go on in this way have a good look out of your window to see when the police is knocking on your door there in LA. To take you for a one way trip to Holland for a long stay in a Dutch state hotel, understand? Do you understand me very clear, Vig troll? Stop this, privacy is both in California as in Holland strict protected!

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