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Wikipedia's Jimmy Wales wanted to save journalism. He didn't

Posted: Mon Apr 22, 2019 11:40 pm
by Juliën

Re: Wikipedia's Jimmy Wales wanted to save journalism. He di

Posted: Tue Apr 23, 2019 8:55 am
by Graaf Statler
Well, the only use of Wikinews for sock Ymnes was to put the wikimedia chapter newsletter between the world news, but for the rest it is some copy past work out of newspapers with a leftish bias. De Telegraaf, a Dutch populair newspaper is the devil himself I have understand.
Nobody will ever read there, it is just one of the many algorithm tricks they have.

Look for instance to the Oscar van Dillen hype, look how I as a music teacher pimp myself with algorithms to a important composer. Not long ago the same happend on wikitribune, if you understand there cheap tricks they are just sitting ducks.

They are so extreme stupide!

Re: Wikipedia's Jimmy Wales wanted to save journalism. He di

Posted: Fri Apr 26, 2019 7:15 am
by badmachine
Juliën wrote:
and ... aliningrad

Jimmy Wales failed

Ymnes failed

When it launched in 2017, WikiTribune had a bold plan to rewrite the journalism rulebook. Less than a year later it had laid off all its editorial staff after burning through hundreds of thousands of pounds. What went wrong?

Russian hookers? London blow? Both?

“We had a culture of what I would call ‘permission-asking’,” Wales says.

They don't have that problem anymore.

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Re: Wikipedia's Jimmy Wales wanted to save journalism. He di

Posted: Fri Apr 26, 2019 7:20 am
by CrowsNest
Wages and rent. He took an office in the Shard! Madness.

Re: Wikipedia's Jimmy Wales wanted to save journalism. He di

Posted: Fri Apr 26, 2019 7:34 am
by badmachine
>internet street cred


Re: Wikipedia's Jimmy Wales wanted to save journalism. He di

Posted: Fri Apr 26, 2019 10:23 pm
by Graaf Statler
Sorry for some Dutch, guys.

Ymnes on Wikinews-NL. A heavy mental defect in full action, of course with the new "secret leading hand" Encycloon in the wikinews house. ... did=135451

It is a huge scandal this person ever had the warm support of the Wikipedia Community, Wikimedia-NL in the Caribbean project, the Meta stewards and at the end WMF in the person James Alexander! A huge scandal! You absolute don't have to be a professional psychologist to understand this person is metal handicapped and it makes himself all very unhappy! This is not a editor, this is a patient!

I doubt if he is able to live outside a protected area or mabey he even lives in a institution. This person can in no way function in a normal way in our society. Shame on you all! Shame on you, you bastards! Not for me but for him!
A person like him you keep in peace, he needs rest and good care. Are you all complete out of your mind! This is abuse in it's most worst form!

Re: Wikipedia's Jimmy Wales wanted to save journalism. He di

Posted: Sat Apr 27, 2019 1:43 am
by badmachine
Graaf Statler wrote:Sorry for some Dutch, guys.

i like that our little board brings people from around the world so there's no need to apologize. :3

that said, i don't understand what's going on there... maybe it's the auto translation.

can you summarize what's going on there on that talk page for us please?

thanks Graaf. :]

Re: Wikipedia's Jimmy Wales wanted to save journalism. He di

Posted: Sat Apr 27, 2019 8:45 am
by Graaf Statler
Neither do I. Ymners was a star. Ymnes was a super editor, out of every corner you heard Ymnes, Ymnes, Ymnes. One thing is for sure, he can produce a incredible amount of rubbish in no time. But he speaks some babbling language of a child of three years old.

He is obsessed with sock puppets, that is what they have let him to do for a long time with the MoirMoira account, sock pupped fox huntings, often with the help of Meta stewards. But he made all kind of wrong connections. Many, many good faith users are blocked in this way because of the detective work of Ymnes, I suppose with the help of one of the WMF fucking bots. At the end the gave him a strong Arbcom message and Moira left the wiki house but that was to late. They muted him almost. His glory time was in the Drmies/Natuur12 "secret leading hand" era. Who loved the situation of course, just like he loved to fool the gender idiots. The time when I won that rare SanFanBan.

They trusted him blind. When he started the big Statler copyvio trail based on nothing the whole community trusted him blind. He had even permision to run the most powerful MoiraMoira troll bot account. But what they didn't had seen was he is complete crazy. So they left him Wikinews in the time of the Wikitribune. Wikinews was taken out if the mothballs, out of the incubator and there is the connection with James Alexander. There was a lot about it to do on Meta, with De Wikischim and others crap editors. Ymnes was in that time obsessed by the fake news hype of Jimmy.

But the whole plan failed as Julien noticed. The whole wikinews plan in a new coat complete failed. And the march of wiki fools to the Europarlement too. So they are all complete lost in the big wiki world, the Julia Reda shit canon has silenced, there is a trail, a furious Statler, articles in the newspaper, questions about the taxes and WMF, and I am sure it is a matter of time till they draw the attention of the tax departments of other country's too.

And here he is angry about "something", complete unclear about what it is, "something" with socks, and is repeating all the rubbish goals of the foundation what he does all the time. He is writing long texts with all kind of confused text fragments without any context, but it is clear it affects him heavy in his personal life. It is absolute clear it is a person with a huge mental handicap, you don't have to be a expert to notice that. You can compere the situation of Wikipedia with the controle room of Chernobyl during the disaster, the whole situation is getting out of controle, and nobody is able to stop that proces anymore. Because the lids of the cesspools rattle everywhere louder and louder.

Re: Wikipedia's Jimmy Wales wanted to save journalism. He di

Posted: Sat Apr 27, 2019 11:30 am
by Graaf Statler ... did=135451

Encycloon: laat ik het hier maar even bij houden. I think Julien is right, after Drmies aka Natuur12, Matroos Vos (See Eerbeek blog, in Dutch) is Encycloon the new "secret leading hand". But you can't lead a idiot who think his vision represent the vision of the whole world. He is convinced his vision is the only right one and is shared by the rest of the world. He is absolute not trolling, it is the way he experience the world.
Just like someone who is convinced he is a reincarnation of Jezus. His vision is the only right one and he sees it as his task to project this vision all over the world and it fits exacte in the vision of Mdd. And it is absolute a sock, and he is connected to the chapter and Romaine. (See auggie his WR.)

And I understand the dilemma very well, the ultimate Hotel California situation. Beccause, if they make him really angry and he opens his mouth they are all so deep in the shit. Imagine, even De Erasmus Priis they got out of the hand of our king. 100.000 euro to do "something" for woman. (Lady toilets?) High places persons are involved, institutions, Jimmy got a honorary doctorate of The University of Maastricht, maybe they want to give Jimmy the Nobel Price there in Sweden. All based on copyleft, approved by a ICT-lawyer who was not a real lawyer in that time and the complete crazy Mdd.

And, that is the worst part of all, found out by some flipped hippy in a few days who they kicked out on the primary school after 5 years as being considered as a hopeless case. And who his biggest highlight in his career where building some talking dolls and a LGB model railway.
Because, really, something better you won't find on my CV. And that is the real reason they have hired a top lawyer, not Lomax. Although I hope he gets 100.000 dollar or so to spent the last part of his life in a nice way. I wish him.

Re: Wikipedia's Jimmy Wales wanted to save journalism. He di

Posted: Sat Apr 27, 2019 10:51 pm
by Juliën
Last Friday, Dominique Weesie, chairman of PowNed was in a talkshow on the Dutch television. For Ymnes is Dominique the devil himself. PowNed is not allowed as a source on Wikinews (Ymnes decided that a time ago).

Why? Ymnes said it's a 'playful broadcaster'. But what I see is a channel that focuses on what people really find important in our society. So, not Black Pete or gender issues, (min 7:45), like Dominique said.

I hope for PowNed that they will have enough members at the end of this year, since they made a lot of good programs last year (e.g. Marokko op 1, Dit is niet mijn wereld vriend, De Hofbar etc.) that broach interesting topics.