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De piratenpartij maakt een ieder blij!
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Author:  Graaf Statler [ Wed Apr 24, 2019 2:34 pm ]
Post subject:  De piratenpartij maakt een ieder blij! ... atenpartij

Ver weird. They connected themself to some complete unknown local party.

Van de Regio? Complete unknown, there are hardly any google results. Nothing in the news, it is only there website. Seems to me some free beer for all fake party. ... 8&oe=UTF-8 ... 49&bih=966

And the last twitter of Reda is from 22 April.

Seems to me the last convulsion of the by the wikipedia top beloved Pirate Party, and yes, we can vote for them! Lijst 15!
Wonder how much votes they get. They are under Jezus leeft, lijst 11 with there number 15.

Author:  Graaf Statler [ Mon Apr 29, 2019 5:49 am ]
Post subject:  Re: De piratenpartij maakt een ieder blij!

Here, The political scientist, global villager, coffee addict. In Wikimedia referred to as 'the Brussels guy' Dimitar Dimitrov has silenced too

It was rediciles! That whole march with lies, lies to the Europarlement, that so called hot copyright summer what was below zero, safe your copyright. Ding dong! Call you MEP! Call them now! It was sick! One big lie, article13 and 11 are absolute not unreasonable!

Misusing Twitter in the way what has happend is a huge, huge scandal and a lighted example of spreading fake news, political propaganda and desinfo!! Lies, all lies! Alex Voss was so right! Governing by shitstorm was the right decryption! yes, and undermining our democracy too!

And to troll me in this way out and smear my good reputation of me and my family! Are you out of your mind? An older man with a weak health who was complete right all the time, shame on you! Shame on you and for the smear campaign of Lomax too!

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