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Why is liberating bicycles so much better than free source?
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Author:  Graaf Statler [ Tue May 14, 2019 5:15 pm ]
Post subject:  Why is liberating bicycles so much better than free source?

Because of the license. Bicycles have no licences.
Poetlister wrote:
Have things improved since Mr Alexander left?

Kum wrote:
Not really, the Trust and Safety section banned a couple nobody's after he left just to show the section still existed but it didn't mean anything. The accounts were largely inactive yet GRAWP, Willie on Wheels, the Dog and Rapper vandal and any number of others are still up to their same old antics. The whole section is still just as much of a waste of money as they ever were, they just lost their star shithead.

There is nothing to improve for WMF. If that list didn't had a CC licence WMF just could trow that list away, probelm solved. But because of the CC license that list is complete legal copied and can be copied a infinitely times. They have not any possibility to withdrawn that CC licence. And because that list is a mix of good faith users and people who have done really bad things it is absolute deformation.

Imagine a infinity times deformation in a legal way. Because no one can tell us who often that list will be copied in the future. And WMF has not any possibility to stop that process, not now and not in the future. Forget Legal Bart, forget troll bot pilot Vigilant, forget all the legal troll bot pilots who call themself a lawyer and there Utter Fucking legaal Bullshit. And think about it what there briljant legal bots have created.
The ultimate legal Frankenstein's monster. A infinity times deformation what no one in this world ever can stop. Because, if they can't find anything what justify there SanFanBan, what they can't, they have both Lomax and me a potential a infinity times defamed. Because in google our nicks on that list leads very easy to our real identety. And Moira has doxxed me both on WP-NL and Meta.
Wikipedia is a nice, sweet present of the devil, it is wikifaust. It is Hotel California, that is the perfect metaphor. Because no one ever can leave!, not now and not in the future.

liberating and remixing bicycles as I suggested on Dysk his Discord had been so much better. But they never, never listen to me.

Author:  Graaf Statler [ Wed May 15, 2019 1:23 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Why is liberating bicycles so much better than free sour

Poetlister wrote:
Have things improved since Mr Alexander left?

Vigilant Wrote:
The WMF is fractally incompetent.

Now we start to agree. Those fucking bots are given in hands of people who have used them for complete different proposals. They have used them to pimp themself, to finish study's for there one benefits. But under there impressive titles are hidden a bunch of metal handicapt complete idiots.
In this way they have fixed all kind of academic titles and that are Katherine here professors and doctors and academics. But, if there bots lose track they are complete lost, have no idea what has happend and start to do in there panic the most rediciles things.

And, as Crow noticed in a other posting a professional organisation had noticed what happend and went wrong long, long before. But, because WMF staff is build up by this "bot professors" with impressing titles they do notice nothing. nothing.
And in that way it was possible a complete fake political party got the full suport of the wiki top. Where they thinking storming the Euro Parlement with a few pirate flags was really a great plan. Where they thinking "liberating" copyright protected material and "remixing" it and putting it under a free licence was a the solution.

Yesterday I took the trouble to look to pictures of Romaine on Commons. Romaine the great free source fighter and the man of the Brussels chapter. Because I have understand he is not doing well. Ymnes mentioned that a several times on the Dutch wikiproducts. He is really ill and not doing well at all, very sad.
A child can understand both Romaine and Ymnes are very vulnerable persons and persons who are protected by our states with all kind of programs. And Bart too. And TBloeming and Jurgen-NL and many others too. And who needed the be protected also by others and had not to be explored.

How idiot and highly unprofessional can a organisation be to give there powerful artificial intelligence in the hands of these people. Without any control. They have made a legal desaster. What else had they expect?
People who are in no way able to function on a normal level in our society. Had they expect they would create a masterpiece? People who came to the final conclusion I am absolute for sure dead and a alcoholic and a drug addicted? A person with such a massive psychiatric problem even a panel of Dutch psychiaters is not enough and a American psychiater is needed to confirm there bot diagnose I am a complete lunatic? People who are not able in ten years to adjust there vision?
Wikipediocrazy guests who come after three years explaining from my side in a language t I don't speak except from some English picked up from the street to the conclusion well, write Dutch so we can use the shitty Google Translate. Who come now to the conclusion mabey, mabey WMF was wrong with that SanFanBan and let's ask it Dutch wikipedians. Is that the brave WMF staff? Well, that makes a lot clear to me, absolute.

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