So long, and thanks for all the fish, Sweety.

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Re: So long, and thanks for all the fish, Sweety.

Post by Graaf Statler » Wed Nov 27, 2019 7:31 am

Abd wrote:I have left here and I'm never coming back. I left yesterday and the day before and the week before that. I have really, really left. I'm just here to explain why I left.

Maybe, indeed, he will figure out how to actually leave, it's not rocket science. He also can quit the WPO Discord server. Claims that he's addicted are overblown, he's proven he can leave, because he has, many times. He only comes back because people keep harassing him. Such as, on October 27, he emailed me with a note that was nice for Graaf, it only complained once about JuiceBeetle. I replied:
Just to let you know I received your mail. I'm behind this far on going over my email. I get tons of spam.
On 10/27/2019 5:08 PM, [Graaf] wrote: [...]

On Discord, he has been leaving and never coming back to this worthless place about once a day. So he shows up this morning in the public Vetting channel and asks again for access, and when it doesn't happen immediately:
This is insane, you claim to freedom of speech, and your Discord is a kind of North Korea. And not only that, Abd is stalking me on Sucks and by mail!
#vetting (580345103676342272)

MessageID:644117899904155649 | AuthorID:555728963876683778•Today at 7:42 AM

Graaf was warned not to rant in the Vetting channel, it's off-putting for noobs. So, warnings ignored, and with notice, I started deleting his Vetting comments except those minimally necessary to ask for access. This is his "North Korea." Graaf has made a big fuss when others don't "follow the rules." But he makes up rules with no authority, and when those with authority act with discretion, which is completely normal, he complains they are "breaking the rules" and they are going to suffer for it, big time. But he's missed a very basic rule: when someone with authority, be it guns, an army behind them, or a moderator with a block button, it is a violation of the real rules (and often a violation of law and policy) warns or orders, it is a major rule violation (and often against the law) to disobey.

That is in every society, fascist, communist, nationalist, or just plain democratic. Even in tribal societies. At the end on Wikipedia, I defied administrators and, in fact, the whole community, but you didn't see me whining about being blocked and later banned. I expected it and took full responsibility for it, though, to be sure, as examples of what I was demonstrating. I knew that, for the most part, it was not about those individual administrators, who were cogs in a machine that had been created more or less accidentally, seeming like a good idea at the time, but terminally naive about human organization. ... 2/abdisme/ ... n-america/

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