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Posted: Fri Dec 06, 2019 11:01 am
by Graaf Statler
Sysop Xxmarijnw passed digital away †. ... d=55184621

A powermod in the time of the trojka Ymnes, Natuur12† and MoiraMoira†. Deep involved in the StatlerBan, changed the WMF ban template in a Dutch one.

As you can read a school kid, a minor at that time and maybe he still still is or just 18, 19 now. Someone has pointed me on pickture of him on Commons, in that time it was still a a child of I think 14, 15 years old.
Shame on the parents! Shame on them! Shame on the Dutch wiki cabal! Ymnes is also a very young person, Arb Woudloper considered him as far to young when he wanted to be a Arb candidate. i think about the same age.

A child doesn't know what he is doing, for him it is wikipedia a exiting game. Special a young person like Ymnes, who is clearly niet als een ander. The parents and the Wiki cabal members are the ones to blame!

Ymnes was paranoia, saw everywhere not existing socks, had clearly access to the Moira account + tools because he made that Caribbean project inlog mistake, no, this is all very, very wrong and very reprehensible and in in particular morally reprehensible. Beside all the legal questions what rise.

Abd kan de boom in, lately clim in his treehouse with his Abdism and Abd shit and troll shouting, because this simple stinks.

Only a big, fat troll like Abd can denier this.

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Posted: Thu Dec 12, 2019 10:55 am
by Juliën
En wat zie ik nou? Mod "DutchTom" is van geslacht veranderd?! #gendergap?

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Posted: Fri Mar 13, 2020 9:35 am
by Graaf Statler
(Juliën wrote in December in Dutch: What? Has DutchTom changed gender? #gendergap?)

Moderator Dutch Tom/Tina is killed in action after a gender fight with a lot of penises and vaginas as weapons, Juliën.

The catfight stated with a article in "De Volkskrant" about woman's day and the gender lady's meeting and a wikidata reading of Danielle, continued on the article sexual intercourse with chapter gender lady Danielle in the lead, and ended up with a infinite block for sysop Tom/Tina and removing the tekst of his/her/it user page because of doxxing. Trijnstel known of the ;) horny blink to Ymnes boy was also involved at the end. ... :DutchTina


And professor CaAL was already fallen before: ... d=55673111

Block wonder, nestor of the Dutch abitroll committee and for ever Arb. Till now.

RIP, digital of course CaAL, you have always been a jerk to me!

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Posted: Fri Mar 13, 2020 10:35 am
by Graaf Statler
HA, this is hopeful!

"Ik hoop dat @Trijnstel: net zo lekker geslapen heeft als ik. Mijn excuses voor mijn uitbarstingen, je triggerde mij (blijkbaar onbedoeld) door steevast ‘hij’ te schrijven."

Never, ever trust it you will not be doxxed on Wikipedia!
Because you have no friends there, but only potential enemy's!

It is clear to me in a matter of doxxing in America you have not any protection. So if you are doxxed on a American based forum by a non EU residence you have a problem. And even in Europe too.

What do you think if you have behaved you as a corrupt jerk like steward Trijnstel, you can go to court?
Well, that would be the best step to take to prove it was you!

It's wikifaust and wikipedia is a present of the devil himself!