This is real shocking!

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This is real shocking!

Post by Graaf Statler » Mon Mar 16, 2020 11:01 am

They (the chapter) had found a person clearly out of the transgender scene, but obesely with a lot of complexes to generate there gender data sausages as demanded by WMF.
And made her, formal he, (Steward/sysop Trijnstel ;) wrote "he", the start of the whole drama) a important gender person and sysop.

DutchTom , who transgender rather quick in DutchTina.

After a catfight about having a penis or not what is even so embarrassing I don't link to it with one of the chapter chicks it ended up in a real drama. Special for the person Tom/Tina. A newspaper artikel in the Volkskrant about the international woman's day as celebrated by the gender lady's in there office in Utrecht was the trigger, special the Wikidata reading of gender chapter chick Danielle.

Dutch Tom/Tina got later the most insulting email and postings on her talk pages, and seems to me now deep depressed.
I feel deep, deep sorry for this person and if she reads here I wish her all the best. I have gone trough something similar and have even won the famous SanFanBan in a similar situation.
This is the way WMF obesely wants to run there wiki's.
I also got a PM of Legal Wikipedia Bart he hoped I got corona the day before.

After the mails of his mate ORTS wikimedia Edo. And one of the Banner in the same time he hoped I would follow my murdered family in Sobibor soon.
I suppose I don't have to repeat that.

A lot of people should be deep, deep ashamed now. Holland is in a crisis because of corona, but the pussy's and dicks where flying over the table in the chapter.
Some people in the world are afraid there beloveds get very ill or even die, others worry about having a dick or not.

There is only one request of them I have understand, when does WMF replace the chair what was broke after the visit of James Alexander to the chapter.
And if WMF will be so kind to give money to repair all the chairs where the gender lady's have burned holes in. There is now a shut down of the Dutch office, not that anyone notice any difference, but it is for there openings party if everything is back to normal again.
So no hurry WMF.

As said in this time of a acte world crisis I don't give links seen the embarrassment of what has happend in this time, our country is in a huge crisis.
But have given them all in the discord Wiki Thee house if someone is curies.

You can find them in the section Free Speech with the whole (sex) story + links and the link to the newspaper article what was the start of this insane granny sex challenge, including the pictures of some of the lady's.

Anyway, now it is a almost a shut down in Holland. The prime minster will hold a speech tonight on television about the corona crisis in our land. And when that crises has finished have all the newspapers with that article disappeared in the cat litter box.

That is the good corona news for the day, the rest is bad, very bad.

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Graaf Statler
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Re: This is real shocking!

Post by Graaf Statler » Tue Mar 17, 2020 12:59 am

It is indeed clear your head are filled with shit, Dutch wikipedias.
I just read the posting of Tom/Tina closely.
Mijn acties waren louter gebaseerd op het feit dat ik door de kronkel in mijn hoofd helemaal klaar was and so one.
Hoe ik het zie is dat ik een flinke mental breakdown heb gehad en tot bedaren ben gekomen toen ik mijn account voor een week blokkeerde. Ik deed dit uit zelfbescherming omdat het duidelijk niet goed met mij ging.
Ik wilde hiermee voorkomen dat ik nog prikkels zou krijgen die mij zouden kunnen schaden.
wordt ik ook nog steeds per mail lastiggevallen door figuren die mij het licht in de ogen niet gunnen
He, shitheads,I s the pudding in your heads so much changed from pudding in shit you simple does't understand it is complete irresponsible to make him/her a leading gender sysop?

Mental break down, too many incentives, uncertain about his/her gender, a tantrum about sex with or without penis, self blocking as self protection, now harassed with nasty emails.
Kronkel in mijn hoofd means there is someting wrong in my head.

Who's bad was that! Who's for the fucking hell's bad was it to make also underage children leading sysops. How's bad was to make Ymnes a powerful sysop who forced my global lock and office ban.

How's bad was it total overpaid shitheads? How did this!

My bad? Tina her bad?

Just fuck both yourself and WMF and get lost out of my country NOW!!!!

Before I kick you personal out!

And that is not a tread but a promise!



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Graaf Statler
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Re: This is real shocking!

Post by Graaf Statler » Tue Mar 17, 2020 9:43 am

Or, he could just be raving about nothing whatsoever. It's difficult to say with him.

O yeh, is that difficult to say with me, Jack?
That's because Vig is right, I am a complete madman.

*Romaine with his pirate flags with a nervous brak down for months home.
Romaine himself wrote several times he has a DSM-5 defect.
*Bart V Legal the same.
*The powerful sysop, Arb and now steward Sjoerd de B too.
*Ymnes. You don't have to be a professional to understand this guy has also what we call een kronkel in zijn hoofd.

Bloeming, Jurgen NL, this person, it is a HUGE SCANDAL!!

What, what if such a person jumps for the train, what is not unlikely, should that make you guy's proud?

And what to think about the next newspaper article and the atomic shitbomb what you FOR SURE GET BACK THERE IN AMERICA of me?

Or do you think Statler and his social surrounding is accepting this from you guys? Shitting arround in my country with your bullshit money? This misuse? Breaking our laws? In our legal system? And do you realy think you protected behind section 230? After you have put our king in his underwear with that Erasmus price shit? Forget it my friend, is not going to happen. You go hand in hand with the Dutch wikipedians! To the bottom of the sea, just like the Titanic!

If you think in that way you make the mistake of your life my friend, I will not rest till I have you guys before I close my eyes in a private jet to Holland with a great stay in a Dutch state hotel, no matter how much it cost me or my family. O yeh. This kind of family's you must not insult in the way you guys have allowed. That's extreem tricky stuff, high placed holocaust family's in Europe......

You are now serieus enough warned, try me.

Try the Dutch state.

Try the Dutch king.

Clean up your fucking house in Holland NOW!!!!!!

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Graaf Statler
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Re: This is real shocking!

Post by Graaf Statler » Tue Mar 17, 2020 5:51 pm

Graaf Statler wrote:
There is only one request of them I have understand, when does WMF replace the chair what was broke after the visit of James Alexander to the chapter.

Giraffe Stapler » Tue Mar 17, 2020 2:30 pm on WO:
I'm sure James Alexander will replace the chair if it is true that he broke it. Obesely.
That has been a long debate I have understand, GS.

What happend? Alexander traveled to Holland to have a important T&S meeting with Romaine and the Dutch wikitop in Utecht Chapter.
But the problems started already on the airport because they didn't take a van with them, but the car of the director.
A good car, a safe car, a example of top European engineering. And there the first probelm accrued, he couldn't get through the door. But they have loaded him in the trunk.

Well, then they drove to MacDonald because he was hungry.
There he stared to complain the hamburgers where so small in Holland, so they both the whole stock for underway and Mac's drive in had to close for that day.

On the highway to Utrecht a spring broke, but, clever, they have asked the road service for a replacement van. So, that problem was solved at least!
Then at the office in Utrecht the stair was a problem, but at the help of a few gender lady's (strong woman!) they managed it to get there visiting high WMF officer upstairs on the first foor. But what happend then?

Alexander see the expensive chair of the director (with a little burn damage,) ignore the double special extra strong chair of 6000 dollar they had let fly in for him out of his office in LA, and he falls, a other word there isn't, falls down with his full weight on that chair!

You can guess what the result was. Of course it was already a strong chair, but this weight....
Well they have first tried to get the money back form the firm where they bought it, but no.

So Romaine has in that time send a request for a grand for a new directors chair to WMF.
Nothing! No answer as usual.
I have heard later the rumour him was allowed to take his 6000 dolar office chair with him to Twitter, but I am not sure if this is true.

So no, I don't think he will pay for that chair anymore now he has that high Twitter position.

(PS, a "promotion" to Twitter and a little, nice kiss on his little tommy of Chelsea is it it's best laughable and at it worst just rediciles. I thought the guy is gay by the way.)

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Graaf Statler
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Re: This is real shocking!

Post by Graaf Statler » Tue Mar 17, 2020 9:34 pm

And something else lady's and gentleman,

This whole matter of DutchTina seems to me something for WMF's Trolling&Sucking department isn't it?

If i look on Jimmy boy his user page there is even a link to "black Jan the hangman".
The Wikimedia Foundation's Lead Manager of Trust and Safety is Jan Eissfeldt.
But where is that successor of Alexander the Great?

Last edit:
15:20, 23 September 2019 diff hist +947‎ Wikipedia talk:Arbitration Committee/Noticeboard ‎ →‎Wikipedia:Arbitration/Requests/Case/Fram.
23 September 2019 and never seen again, bunch of total losers and lunatics!

Get lost and the hell out of my country or I will get you in a way you will regret for ever, understood, shitheads?

I hope so!

Was signed Martin himself.

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