And again the Dutch citaat recht......

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And again the Dutch citaat recht......

Post by Graaf Statler » Wed Mar 18, 2020 9:48 pm

Jake wrote on WO:an illegal copyright-violating reproduction of this thread on some other website.... ... taatrecht.

Written by me.......

>Bronnen, source.
It is complete clear I refer to WO, I mention the side often, not necessary to repeat that over and over.

>Het doel, the goal.
Seems clear to me. criticism and self defending.

>The author.
Seems to me OK, is often mentioned.
(Oeps, forgotten in my paper!)

The rest is unimportant, it has to do with a quote collection as Wikiquote.
Dit is een uitzondering in de auteurswet zoals beschreven is in 15a van de auteurswet, waarbij geen voorafgaande toestemming van de auteur vereist is.
I's a recht, right, so the owner of the rights, the author (Vig, Jake, and not WO) can't forbite this use of there content by me in this way. And I don't need permission.

I am Dutch, living in the Dutch territory, under the Dutch jurisdiction, so I do nothing illegal, Jake.

But sttttttttttt.......
Never say it!

Because if you do so the chapter fly Alexander the chair destroyer in to learn you a lesson! :mrgreen:

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