The free source revolution devours its own children

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The free source revolution devours its own children

Post by Graaf Statler » Fri Dec 15, 2017 10:07 am

Ymnes, Ymnes, Ymnes. He is, or beter was, a star writer of even a featured articles. The name Ymnes you heard all the time on pedia-NL. Ymnes, Ymnes, the new wiki talent. Ymnes, the leading power behind copy-past Wikinews.
Medals! A Samenwerkingsster! Flowers! More stars! A T-shirt barnstar out of the hands of JMatthews (WMF)! You can find it all here. And, look, look, look, even a meet and greet wiki the Wikimedia-NL top!
Ymnes was wikifamous. You heard in every corner, every wiki corridor his name. Ymnes, Ymnes, Ymnes. Ymnes!! Ymnessssss!!!!

That terrible Graaf Statler who Ymnes didn't like? Away with him! Ymnes hated him. Klaas? Mute him, block him!, nobody likes him, Ymnes in the first place not.
But they don't wikilove him anymore. No, they don't. They even blocked him a few days ago. Yes, the holy Ymnes. And Wiki lawyer Woody called him even een misselijk ventje. And many others said also very nasty things about him.
Poor Ymnes. Bye, bye, Ymnes, they have fucked you from the first moment on.

And I don't think we can't speak of real wikilove between Wikimedia gender gap Ecritures and KlaasZ4usV neighter...........
Wat een kreng is dat zeg! Een echte gender gap bitch!

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