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Re: Wikitrolls 2017

Post by Juliën » Fri May 25, 2018 6:30 pm

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Re: Wikitrolls 2017

Post by Graaf Statler » Sat May 26, 2018 9:10 am

JanCKFietser is the kind of users they are looking for. Seems to me a nice pensioner who has no idea about the black backside of Wikipedia, and who is pampered with a wikitroll. I don't want to use the term useful idiot, because he isn't a idiot. It's a friendly man who could be your neighbour, your uncle. But the result is the same.

Because of the very complex structure of Wikipedia/media international it's a tremendous labyrinth where every troll, fanatic or idiot can hide himself in. And can get a high function behind nick. And you have to go deep, deep inside Wikipedia and it's infrastructure to recognise and to find out what that deep state is, and who belongs to that deep state. Because wikipedia is ruled by a deep state. He didn't, I did and dived to the center of the power of Wikipedia.
But he is in danger. Because, at the moment you get a part of the system, you can't get out of it anymore and slowly become a part of the total corrupt system. Because Wikipedia is not that nice hobby for a pensioner. Wikipedia is a nice present of the devil and a spiderweb. And if you are caught in that spiderweb, and that its very, very easy you are a prisoner of it. You get locked up in that Hotel in California, i said this many times before, and you have to troll till you drop. Because the system is blackmailing you.

It's fake. Complete Wikipedia is fake. It's a modern tale of Faust in digital form. With all it's temptations, free lunches, nice jobs, high wiki positions. But o my god if you accept one of this temptations, because at that moment you are trapped in the wiki-spidernet.
Only a few people on this world understand Wikipedia. It's too complicated to understand for them, most people only see a small part of it, like this man. And that makes Wikipedia so extreem dangerous.

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