Western Electric 320A and Dutch vacuum tube fools

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Western Electric 320A and Dutch vacuum tube fools

Post by Graaf Statler » Tue Jan 30, 2018 12:37 pm

Forget the complete insane wikifools of jimmy's trollopedia-NL. and lets talk about a real Dutch wiki article. For them there are enough institutions with beautiful lawns and nice doctors and nurses in Holland to take care about them. I told it before, we really don't need WMF therefore, in Holland it's all paid by our state, it's a socialstic country.

About that Western Electric 320A you mentioned here a while ago. What I don't understand, it is working on 35 volt. Was that the voltage they use to heat the cathode, or the operation voltage. Because 35 volt seems to me very low. And, do you know something about the power power supplier? Did they had a power station, those border blasters? It seem me they needed one.

*About Dutch vacuum tube idiots, you can split it in a other topic if you want. Don't read it if you are not a vacuum tube freak.

I have build this boxes for about 20 years. (these are not mine) And I have now the most shitty amplifier of the world. Two times 120W absolute Japannees bullshit!

I found these two back. I never trow them away because I worked hard for it more than 45 years ago, they were expensive in that time. (2,5 X 3 inch, U73U, Prim.imp.: 7K-10K Ohm Sec.: 3-5 Ohm , 6-9 Ohm , 10-15 Ohm , I max. = 2X70 mA P= 20 Watt.) I had used them in my two Fidelio 2X El84 amplifiers, I once build. Now I saw this., and I think 4 El84 will do. 10 watt is enough for a big living room. I don't need and I don't want a pre amplifier, because if your boxes are OK you don't meed that. What do you think of the idea to build again two Fidelo's? Do you like the concept, Eric? I can always always change that transformers for this ones. They seem to be very good, and they are vacuum tube freaks.


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