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Free newspapers

Post by Juliën » Sun Jun 10, 2018 10:58 am

There are a lot of reasons to be Wikipedia-member. One of these is that Wikimedia the Netherlands gives away free (online) subscriptions to newspapers. The first site with which they have reached an agreement is "De Coresspondent". That is not even a newspaper, but a primarily opinion-oriented website of left-wing tendency. Wikipedians can now register to get an abbonement. How, and to whom they will be awarded is not clear. That happens probably in the dark back rooms.

I do not consider the Wikipedia community capable of distinguishing the facts in an article from an opinion in the same article. So, I believe Wikipedia will be filled with those opinion contributions. Edo, a believer from the very beginning is already spamming all kinds of articles with links from the Correspondent.

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Re: Free newspapers

Post by Graaf Statler » Sun Jun 10, 2018 11:59 am

Yes, of course Wikimedia-Edo. One of the biggest fools of all. He was the person who mixed me up with some else and claimed I was dead, and was sending that insane email to me. Seems to me a perfect fact checker.

Journalist are many times as poor fact checkers as Wikipedians and are often using Wikipedia as there source.
Because in the most cases they are no experts and just collecting there information from all kind of sources. I have seen that in the crisis around Greece, there was no information except on Wikipedia in Holland, my articles, and the blog of Varoufakis where I was a regular guest for 2011. Why do you think my Wikisage essay had more than 16.000 hits? On the complete unknown Wikisage? Because they started to google Graaf Statler and found that essay.

But, newspapers you used in early day's to wrap fish in, not as a source. So after a day everybody was forgotten what was written in it.
Many times if I read a article of a subject from of witch I have knowledge about, and that newspaper article is often just as poor as a wiki article. So, again WM-NL is helping to spread disinformation as plastic in the ocean in this way. And to use a political internet source what is not even a established newspaper is of course ganz verruckt! They simple have no idea what a reference work should be.

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