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let's bridge the gendergap togheter

PostPosted: Mon Jul 23, 2018 1:59 am
by Graaf Statler
I have a much better slogan for them.

Een beetje vent transgendt!

(Of hoe zou je dat in godsnaam schrijven? Met alleen een D?) let's bridge the gendergap togheter, what a bull! Of course we have to do, but in a healthy, normal way and not with all kinds of female porn articles, gender meetings where you can meet all socks in one person in life, or other gender bull. Write as much as you want about amazing woman, there are plenty, but write about here because who she is, what she has done, but not to make a point!

(Een beetje vent means a tuff guy, so this slogan is telling us you are a tuff guy if you become a transgender.)