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En de groeten uit Eerbeek

Posted: Wed Sep 26, 2018 10:25 am
by Graaf Statler
Don't ask me why the blog is named De Groeten uit Eerbeek. I have never been in my whole live in Eerbeek. What is De Groeten uit Eerbeek? A Dutch blog, A kind of Geen Stijl and till now we have had three letters of lawyers what makes us extreem proud. One of the University of Maastricht, one of Wikimedia-NL and one of a city lawyer. Go to court, do it. Meet Mr. Ausma, who had no nobility according the Dutch Wikipedians. We will love it and make you and Wikipedia much more famous in the press than it already is. But I don't think not in the way they want.

Because I have a story what you won’t believe and I guarantee you I can make me and them world famous because the story is so absurd the best scriptwriter of this world can't improve it, and both WMF and I know that! It has elements in it like the son of a old forgotten professor without education who became a top writer, a formal hippy, Tolkien, me who became a legal expert who beaten all the WMF lawyers, who learned to writing Dutch on WPNL and English on the critical fora but who is a crazy doll builder and stand builder, who is trolled out by all kind of Dutch wikimedia persons in favour of the little Ymnes to safe there Caribbean project, with Professor CaAL, Madam Moira, Professor Drmies and many many other Dutch academics involved, with a ORTS and WMNL member who was sending a anti semitic email because they all where thinking I was dead because of a Mygenealogy page, who should be a psychiatric patient and impersonator because it where all lies I was telling.
Well, I have send all the evidences to Arthur, and if he wants more he can get it because not one word of what I told was untrue, and for sure I didn't die when I was fourteen.

I am getting confused by only writing it all down! And what to think of this demonstration Abitrolling? And than half crazy Alexander and Maher with here Fuck Checking, that trolling stewards with that global lock, troll human bot Moira? No, I have the story of the century what can blow easy complete WMF away!
And I still feel myself extreem extreem honored by that SanFanBan, meant for the biggest vandals and trolls on wikipedia. Thank you James Alexander, thank you Kathrine Maher. I thank my parents, friends and everybody else who made this posible and in particular the Wikimedia-NL members.

But why am I posting today about Eerbeek? Because it is a great honour for us Crow gave permision to publish his posting Ten things you probably didn't know about Wikipedia and Arthurs great blog is now a sticky. And who knows we get as famous as the blog of Yanis Varoufakis in the future! And de Heren van Eerbeek as we are named in the wiki world too!

Link to the blogpost. Tien dingen over Wikipedia wat je waarschijnlijk niet wist