Autism and Wikipedia.

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Autism and Wikipedia.

Post by Graaf Statler » Mon Jan 07, 2019 9:49 am

Here we go again, a block by mister Effeietsanders for changing one word was OK according to the Dutch arbcom. ... Hesselp_(4)

Opgegeven reden voor de blokkade: Schending van de ArbCom-uitspraak van 15 nov 2018, wegens wijziging door mij van één woord in deze bewerking, 1 jan 2019 22:09‎

Hesselp is geblokkeerd wegens diverse ongedaanmakingen op reeks (wiskunde). Deze ongedaanmakingen zijn overtredingen van maatregel 3, zoals Effeietsanders terecht constateerde (zie Wikipedia:Arbitragecommissie/Zaken/Hesselp#maatregelen). De blokkade is daarom terecht opgelegd.

Read this and you understand the problem.
Woudloper wrote:Soms steun ik een naar eigen mening moreel betere optie niet. Ik doe mijn best mijn persoonlijke zin zoveel mogelijk uit te sluiten ten gunste van het reglement.


In there option is the arbcom regulation above a morale correct option. And believe me, Woudloper is absolute a nice guy.
Any rule, any regulation is for them the holly word.
But, those wikipedia rules and regulations are one big chaos and the arbcom regulation of WPNL is a troll piece out of the time of Oscar van Dillen to liquidate dissidents.
What they still follow blind after all these years. Blind, you see it yourself. Someone change only one word and is blocked. Is correct according to arbcom.

And that is the problem with those autistic users, the lose complete track on WP and start to do the most crazy things. The rotten wiki system what attract them so much confuses them total and that causes the total chaos on WPNL. And all this crazy excesses.
And WMF let WPNL float complete, no, even help them by Global Blocking the one who had noticed this problems. What made WMF complicit in a legal way, how stupide can people be.

Very stupide. Indeed puddingheads. They are now complete responsible!

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