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No Kum, not true. 
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Sure, there have been a few outliers of experienced editors who know wlhow the CU tool works. No one's doubting that. The problem is the overzealous use of the CU tool and the false positives that are generated due to the generic data the tool captures. I mean seriously, it should capture email address and MAC.

They have a few strong tools, some fools who can put a computer on and off and that is there peak of the day, and a few fuck bots what has to do the work. Really fuck bots.

And that was the confusing part in the beginning for me, it was not a normal internet surrounding. They all seems academics, sometimes they talk even as a academic, and at a certan moment there Fucking artificial intelligence troll bot failed. At least, that is what I understand now.
And that is where the problems start. In the beginning you think really you are in shitty Katherines surrounding of educators, physicists, nurses, grandparents, coders, professors, geologists, journalists, and even more. What they even are most times IRL

BUT, if you take the time to dive a bit deeper in the Wiki sewers you find something very, very shocking out........
That physicists, nurses, grandparents, coders, professors, geologists, journalists, and more with a Pirate Party flag in there hands and Julia Reda in front of the parade appear to be a collection to be of people from who you don't understand they are not living in a institute. Because they all have a serious mental defect.

So, if there Fucking stupid Trevor Fucking Bolliger troll bot, or a other Fucking stupid Fucking bots in general fails, Wikipedia change in a kind of Boeing 737 Max 8.
There computers get corrupt. And, the problem is, because there Fucking bots get corrupt, they start to infect the whole proud Pedia infrastructure filled up with.........Fools.

And because of that Katherine her physicists, nurses, grandparents, coders, professors, geologists, journalists, and even more start to take all kind of insane decisions what makes the computers and bots even more corrupt then they already where, it is a proces nobody can stop anymore. The law of Staler, repression. Every fool is replaced by a even bigger idiot. And that went on and on, till you have the perfect digital metal clinic left.
Special because there between all that physicists, nurses, grandparents, coders, professors, geologists, journalists also a group of perfect, extreem clever trolls is who found there home base on pedia. And who are doing anything to fuck that bots even more than they already are. Fucked. Fucking troll bots. And that is that more you mention, Katherine.

Ah, there are many examples of this effect. As said the 737 Max 8, Tsjernobyl , and of course the unforgettable unsinkable Titanic. Nothing new.

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En kijk eens hier, het "Verboden" lijstje van door mij aangemaakte artiklen.

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