Twitter's decline

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Re: Twitter's decline

Post by oranges33 » Sun Dec 04, 2022 11:25 pm

badmachine wrote:
Sat Dec 03, 2022 9:57 am
Ognistysztorm wrote:
Sat Dec 03, 2022 5:47 am
ericbarbour wrote:
Sat Nov 26, 2022 9:42 pm
once again, this 2016 article explains it best ... ack-dorsey

This is big. Elon Musk didn't just bought a company, but also a crime scene. He made good of his promise to reveal what really happened during the coverup of Hunter Biden story.

Politics aside, this is really the Hollywood moment for Big Tech. I heard somewhere that you have a book in the works that pulls a similar fashion against Wikipedia; maybe it's time to resuscitate and publish it now that public opinion will turn against Big Tech?
prediction: nothing will come of it, sadly
If all the brands and celebs who allegedly hate Musk left to a new platform, Twitter would actually have an existential problem. Twitter's only distinguishing feature is that it's a brand and celebrity site, a place where you can worship or dunk on professionals and elites 24/7 and without delay.

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