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Jess Wade's loyal band of shit eaters

Posted: Sun Apr 18, 2021 7:39 am
by Jake Is A Sellout
I don't get it myself. Why would anyone have such low self esteem to serve as some kind of handmaiden to Jess Wade? The media hype that surrounds her is just that, she isn't doing much if anything for either editor recruitment or closing the gender gap. Much if not all of the media peices about her, extoling her virtue and her value to Wikipedia, come straight from the horse's mouth. Or should that be ass?

One of he side effects of Jess Wade beign such a shit editor, making the same goddamned mistakes day after day, all because of her unique (borderline retarded) and quite deliberately self-centred manner of editing Wikipedia, namely by rushing to get one article published a day, having found a formulaic way of doing that, and of course, learning that because she's such a Princess, she's above silly things like the normal cycle of being told to stop doing a bad thing or get blocked for it, is that a coterie of handmaidens develops around her.

There is a price for that. When you're so corrupt you won't tell a Princess to please wipe her butt properly, for the sake of everyone at Court, well, you're gonna find some people see value in becoming a butt wiper.

Not just the Admins willing to break every rule in the book to protect her, that's a given, and they are the usual suspects.

I'm talking about the ordinary Joe's and Joesses who are just silently following behind her, wiping her ass.

This is the thread to glorify them, and maybe identify a pattern that explains why they do what they do. Who knows, maybe they're all into BDSM or something, and are too scared to actually become a sub?

Re: Jess Wade's loyal band of shit eaters

Posted: Sun Apr 18, 2021 8:16 am
by Jake Is A Sellout

A degree educated women, who has herself created over 250 women biographies, reduced by Wade to grunt work, doing mindless dumb shit like adding the same category to Wade's incomplete articles, every single day.

All because, for absolutely no fathomable reason, Wade can't even be bothered to add "[[Category: NATIONALITY women OCCUPATION]]" and such like to the bottom of her editing template, and change the fields accordingly.

It is of course not because Wade is unaware of the category system, either its value or its formatting, she does on occasion add categories. But not as a rule.

It's because that takes time. Time she doesn't typically have to spare, given her self set deadline of publishing one crappy women's biography a day, which she has to fit in between her work life and her Twitter activism.

And why would you, when others are so happy to waste their time doing it for you?

No surprise to see Oronsay is a member of Women In Red too, the project which never really signed on to the founding ideals and norms of Wikipedia, such as only asking for help or offloading work onto others when there is a benefit to Wikipedia, and instead came up with their own unique rules and ecosystem, a cult within a cult, with it's own "founder" and celebrity editors, all with burgeoning media profiles and comensurate influence in the mission meat space.

I'm sure Oronsay sees what she does as some kind of altruism, the epitome of a village raising children or whatnot, but come on, they're not dumb. This is servitude, this is exploitation.

This is embarrassing is what it is.

Wade gets all the glory and the plaudits, and people like Oronsay, are invisible. Which is ironic.

The difference in their user pages alone, shows which of these people has a good idea of what it means to be a Wikipedia editor. It's just a shame that they seem to lack the confidence and self respect needed to carry that over into how they interact with Wade, even though it is cleary Wade, not Oronsay, who has issues with normal social interaction.

Like many Wikipedia edtors, including many members of Women In Red, I am guessing Oronsay is simply too scared that if she were to ask Wade to maybe do what would be a normal and indeed expected part of her chosen manner of contributing, if only to give her a bit more time to write her own women biography pages, that would be great, Wade would at best, just ignore her, at worst, flip the fuck out and accuse her of sexism or harassment.