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Basic, obvious, dumb errors by that donkey of an editor, Jess Wade

Posted: Mon May 03, 2021 11:22 pm
by Jake Is A Sellout
Does what it says on the tin.

Wade has far more issues with her editing than just making dumb shit mistakes, but it's the frequency and sheer stupidity of these mistakes, that provides a great window into what she is, as a Wikipedia editor, and a person.


A better editor, no, a better person, just doesn't make these sort of mistakes in the pursuit of a noble goal, because they would already know that it's better to do a job well, and take the time needed to do it properly, than try and rush a job, just to keep to your self set target of posting one woman biography a day.

Because who ultimately suffers when people read a person's biography written by a supposedly experienced editor like Wade, with all her media profile and accolades, and it's as shit as these sort of makes suggest? Everyone involved in Wikipedia. The whole community. Of which the largely mute, isolated loner Wade, isn't really even a part of in any meaningful way.

I doubt if she even notices that these sort of dumb errors she makes, sometimes get fixed. And sometimes don't.

This will be a non-exhausitve list, because who the hell has the time to forensically check an article of the size of an average Wade biography, once a day, every day? Even for obvious errors like these.

It shall serve as just an example that she's always got these kind of clangers in her, even after all these years, and nobody on Wikipedia is either trying or even seems to know how to stop her from making them.

The fact she screams SEXIST and demands protection from HARASSMENT everytime someone dares point out she's an absolute fucking donkey of an editor, with proof, might have something to do with it. As might the fact she is protected at the very highest levels. And certainly nobody at Wikipediocracy wants to find the balls to criticise a woman, certainly not a woman who falsely portrays herself as a feminist.

Feminism isn't about giving free passes to rubbish women, it's about recognising woman as equals. If you don't think a man would be warned and blocked on Wikipedia for making the sort of dumb shit mistakes Wade does, at the frequency and with the alleged experience she has, think again. Try it.

The beauty of Wikipedia, is that you can always do you own experiment. Sign up with a male sounding name, make ths same sort of dumb shit mistakes Wade does, and keep making them, and see how long you last. Making sure that people are aware of your work, of course, because Wikipedia isn't exactly known for its ability to spot crap editors in general. Can't get the staff, apparently.

But plenty of people are aware of Wade, and so they must occasionally realise how shit she is. But for their own reasons, some laudable, some quite pathetic, they choose to look the other way, or worse, silently trail in her wake, fixing this crap for her.

How much do you have to hate yourself, I wonder, to think that is what Wikipedia is all about? Wade certainly thinks that is how collaboration is supposed to work on Wikipedia. She's warped like that.

Re: Basic, obvious, dumb errors by that donkey of an editor, Jess Wade

Posted: Mon May 03, 2021 11:23 pm
by Jake Is A Sellout
29 April 2021

Christina Hicks
Hicks earned her undergraduate degree at Newcastle University, wher eshe [sic] majored in tropical coast management.[1] 
The source:
She earned her Masters of Science in Tropical Coastal Management at Newcaslte University in the UK.
While there are some cases of four years degrees in the sciences in the UK, I was reasonably certain this was not one of them, and a cursory bit of Googling confirms that Newcastle University's Masters program for this subject is indeed a one year postgraduate course, which you gain entry to within a relevant undergraduate Bachelor's degree.

Either way, even if at the time she took it, it was a four year course, therefore being classed as an undergraduate course but earning a Master's, thus perhaps explaining Wade's bizarre use of the quite inappropriate Americansim "majored", you would need a source to back that up, rather than Wade's apparent guesswork given the lack of any apparent record of what her undergraduate degree might have been.

Not as basic and obvious an error as just getting a date wrong, but pretty fucking basic, especially for someone whose meat and potatoes work on Wikipedia, is the recording of the education and careers of academics.

Re: Basic, obvious, dumb errors by that donkey of an editor, Jess Wade

Posted: Mon May 03, 2021 11:23 pm
by Jake Is A Sellout
Speaking of wrong dates, the inspiration for this thread, seeing someone fix this dumb mistake......

27 April 2021

Rachel Wong

Article lede:
She was elected to ..... the National Academy of Sciences in 2020.
Article body:
2021 Elected to the National Academy of Sciences[7]
Clear and obvious evidence that she doesn't even bother proofreading before hitting "publish", such is her haste (as well as the frequency of typos and other mangled wording)

Unbelievable that someone else had to take time out of their day to open the source, check she had actually got one of these years right in the transition from source to text, which is never a given with Wade-O-Donkey, and correct the one that must have been wrong.

Remarkable that anyone actually did it, and that it only took fifteen hours to be noticed. But I guess the easy fixes are, well, easy.

Might be a while before anyone gets around to checking this kind of important year in the very same biography.... ... 945#p19716

Re: Basic, obvious, dumb errors by that donkey of an editor, Jess Wade

Posted: Mon May 03, 2021 11:27 pm
by Jake Is A Sellout
Circling back to record a very common type of Jess Wade fuck up, the classic half sentence.....

29 April 2021

Christina Hicks
She has argued that instead of increasing revenue from fish exports, policy is required to ensure that local communities.
The suspense, it kills.

Re: Basic, obvious, dumb errors by that donkey of an editor, Jess Wade

Posted: Fri May 14, 2021 8:45 am
by Jake Is A Sellout
10 May 2021

Margaret A. Phillips
Phillips was appointed to the faculty at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in 1992, where she was promoted to Carolyn R. Bacon Professor in 2009 and Chair of the Department in 2016.[6]
Phillips is not, as suggested by this text, the Chair of the Medical Centre, she is in reality......
Chair of Biochemistry
How do I know? I read the source.