Jess Wade does it her way, yet again

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Jess Wade does it her way, yet again

Post by Jake Is A Sellout » Sat Jul 31, 2021 11:18 pm

I wonder if anyone on Wikipedia will even notice this, let alone do anything about it.

Princes Wikipedia has just moved the biography of Sarah Myhre to draft space.

As usual, her stated reason makes no fucking sense. It comes in two parts......
Subject of article does not want a Wikipedia page. Page is out-of-date and needs work
That's it. No other information provided.

You can tell she hadn't read the governing policy before hand, since she has failed to notify the author she has moved it, as well as given a contradictory reason for doing so.

Policy is clear. If the first part is why she moved it, she is out of order, because moving a page to draft space is not a back door to deletion. If it's the second part, she needs to account for why this work needs to be done in draft space, and indeed, who plans to do it.

It would be so good if you could assume good faith when it comes to Wade, and for example assume that she is trying her best to comply with the subject's wish that her biography be improved, and if it cannot be, deleted.

But you really can't. For a start, she hasn't let anyone else know what this request actually was, or what specifically needs work. And she has a long history of doing wierd shit, where her intention, sometimes stated, sometimes not, is clearly an attempt to subvert policy, and simply do what she thinks is the right thing. Activists be activists. And of course, such things are not and never will be covered by IAR (and nothing is covered by IAR unless you actually say the words).

It could be exactly as it appears to be - Wade being asked by the apparently controversial subject if she could be removed from Wikipedia, Wade realising that might not happen if she did as policy demands and had a discussion, and so she has instead tried to quietly shift it into draft space, in the hope it just times out and then gets deleted by a lazy Administrator.

After all, it's not one of hers. Who knows, maybe after a suitable time, she might publish a new, better version, and add it to her bottom line total.

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