Is Jess wade still a shit editor? Yes. She may even be getting worse.

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Is Jess wade still a shit editor? Yes. She may even be getting worse.

Post by Jake Is A Sellout » Mon Sep 06, 2021 9:32 am

Is it my imagination, or is the sheer size and number of discrete facts that little old Jess is now leaving to the reader to locate a source for, be that a source she has already placed somewhere in the article, or forgotten to add at all, getting bigger?

As usual, I simply picked the last biography she posted, and instantly found that this entire paragraph lacks a single inline citation, even though that is what is required by the BLP policy to prevent harm (since every single part of it speaks to the subject's notability).
She was appointed to the faculty at Princeton University in 1994, where she would be promoted to Professor in 2008 and the Damon B. Pfeiffer Endowed Professor in 2016. David spent a year on sabbatical at the University of Cambridge, where she worked with Andrea Brand.
Never mind the words, look at all those years. Jess has previously shown she's not all that great at getting even these right, even though you genuinely scratch your head at how someone (and Jess is a scientist!) can't manage to reliably read "2008" from a source and type "2008" into Wikipedia.

Maybe part of it is because she admits she edits Wikipedia while waiting for her results. Perhaps that's what happened here. The machine beeped before she had a chance to chase down the references, and because it was near to the end of the day and mindful of her self set target of posting one biography a day, she decided, as she has so often, to say fuck it, that's close enough.

Wikipedia editors are mugs. Where else would you be expected to clean up after such a sloppy co-worker, fixing issues such as this on a literal daily basis, and not actually get paid for it?

Which is perhaps why they don't even bother.

Don't bother asking the Wikipediocracy union for help either, we know where they stand on this one specific issue - with Jess's freedom to be all she can be, and the management that revels in the good PR to be had from people thinking she is what she claims to be, a really good editor. :lol:

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