Jess Wade gets bitchy with another woman editor

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Jess Wade gets bitchy with another woman editor

Post by Jake Is A Sellout » Mon Sep 20, 2021 11:55 pm

As many of you will know (and you Wikipedocracy people can sit this one out, this post requires you to actually give a shit what one of Wikipedia's most famous editors actually does, not what the PR department has told you she does), Jess Wade is a virtual mute on Wikipedia.

She barely talks to anyone, not to even acknowledge praise. She just keeps her head down and grinds away at her self set task. As you have probably realised, that goes against everything Wikipedia stands for, given it is allegedly a project built on collaboration and communication. But this is Jess Wade, she had broad immunity to do whatever the the fuck she wants, however she wants. And it being Wikipedia, the whenever is just a given.

So, whenever Princess Wikipedia actually opens her gob on Wikipedia (as opposed to talking utter bollocks at Wikimania, she has to earn her keep somehow, remember), it's worth documenting and analysing. It's probably the easiest task on Jess Watch, because like I said, she's a virtual mute.

You think I'm joking? Her last edit to an actual Wikipedia talk page, and the clue is in the name there, was in July. And she has only made FOUR talk page posts this year. That would be strange for an editor that rarely edits, but of course Jess edits nearly every day, so its downright psychotic.

Anyway, you will be unsurprised to learn that this incident doesn't concern a post to a talk page, a contribution to a discussion if you will. This concerns her talking to another editor through an edit summary, which is discouraged as a means of communication on Wikipedia for lots of reasons, especially not personal criticism, but I seriously doubt Princess Wikipedia even knew that, much less cares.

So, WHAT DID THE PRINCESS SAY? I know you're all dying to hear. And forgive me for teasing, but it really is such a rare thing, I have to enjoy it. ... 1045044392

Feast your eyes upon this glorious statement......
Removed tag. There's a good Lancet bio of her which is cited and external. You don't need to tag every page I make, thanks!
It's classic Jess. Passive aggressive and bitchy.

So, what happened? Well, the editor called Melcous had tagged the Jess Wade created biography for Elizabeth Ashley (scientist) for a potential issue, namely relating too heavily on primary sources. Which perhaps explains why Jess piped up at all, because you'll be pleased to hear Jess finally got a win. Because it does indeed appear that Melcous made an oversight, apparently missing the fact this biography heavily rested on a Lancet biography.

So, why even bother taking about this then? It's not news that Jess is a bitch, at least to anyone who isn't kissing her rose scented ass. Although one could argue not even bothering to say thank you to people who are kissing your ass, who indeed go to your own talk page to do so, qualifies as bitchy behaviour. Princesses eh, what can you do? Cut their heads off? I jest! :lol:

Well, I think this is a perfect reminder to people of what kind of a bitch she really is.

To recap, she has piped up here to call out a mistaken tagging by Melcous, and has used that as an opportunity to suggest Melcous doesn't need to tag every page Jess makes.

The sad reality for Jess is, that yes, she does need to tag every page Jess makes, because with an alarming and depressing regularity even now, after all these years of editing Wikipedia and even calling herself an Ambassador, her articles are so shit, her editing so poor, that every single one has issues Melcous spots and rightfully tags. And you know what? In my experience Melcous isn't even noticing all the issues that could be tagged.

Most of thess issues are serious, and contrary to the excuses offered up by Wikipediocracy for the Princess, the fact most of these tags are {citation needed}, is troubling indeed, since Jess works exclusively on posting biographies of little known people.

So, what kind of bitch is Jess, really?

We, do you see her piping up about any of these other tags? Specifically the citation needed ones?

No. Because theyare correct, and demand a fix. And so if she drew attention to them, if she even acknowledged them at all, it would shatter her delusion that she actually, genuinely, thinks she's an above average editor. And that she may be, if, as the Wikipediocracy did, you measure that by including will the useless dross at the leorr end if the learning curve.

Me, I look at Jess, I see a degree educated person of great privilege and power, and I ask myself, why would I be dumb enough to include Joe Fuckwit who only just made his tenth edit, in any assessment of how good Jess wade really is at this Wikipedia editing lark?

And why would I even be comparing her to an experienced editor without also factoring in her work rate? She posts one biography a day, progressively adding a scary amount of extra work to the basic attention needed backlog. Burdening those who are better employed babysitting Joe Fuckwit through his Journey into addiction. Your average Wikipedia editor isn't doing that level of damage, no way, no how, not those who are considered good enough by their peers to describe themselves as an Ambassador.

She piped up here, because Melcous made a mistake.

The arrogance of it, is what gets me.

Not even in her dreams, if her record is anything to go by, could Jess Wade hope to get it wrong on so few occasions. And we're talking about an editor here whose worst mistake can be pretty fucking epically stupid, such as writing a single biography about two different people. There's no tag for that, that's for sure.

This is Jess. AMBASSADOR JESS. And holy fucking shit, yes, in this incident, she is going after another women, one who also finds time to create women biographies. One wonders if she even knew that. One wonders if she even cared to look.

Because as we know, Jess is at her least attentive and indeed reflective, when she is angry and wanting to play the victim.

What an absolute bitch. Who most defo, be crazy.


Part of me thinks this is Jess preparing the groundwork for a harassment complaint against Melcous. And knowing that fucked up community, they might even indulge her. And you can guarantee which side Wikipediocracy will be on.


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