Beeblebrox must be trying to get fired, surely?

Evil admin for many years, tossed out in 2020, now infesting Wikipediocracy
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Beeblebrox must be trying to get fired, surely?

Post by Jake Is A Sellout » Sat May 08, 2021 12:52 pm ... 53#p289253

I can think of no other reason why Beeblebrox is saying shit like this in Wikipediocracy.....
MILHIST is one of the very few well-run and highly active WikiProjects, it's a shame to see the MOS goons beating up on them.
....than he is just done with ArbCom and wants to be dismissed.

To say this, to be this rude about your fellow editors and this prejudicial about a potential upcoming case, not long after you were warned by your boss, NewYorkBrad, to be more discrete, it's unbelievable. He must be trying to get shit-canned, surely?

Well, I can think of another more plausible reason, since it seems unlikely he wants to be fired now that he has found gainful employment with ArbCom hiding all the evidence of there being entrenched political operatives at work on Wikipedia, toiling day and night to skew political articles to the left.

He's simply trying to impress his new mates at Wikipediocracy. Trying to be accepted into their gang. Being allowed by Jake to refer to himself as part of their "we" is apparently not enough of a signal that, as one of the most senior of the Wikishits, he is an accepted and very welcome presence in their fetid basement. Scum appreciating scum, of course.

He wants more. He wants them to laugh at his lame attempts to sound like what he probably imagines is what those douches say and do all day. Because picking sides between a gang war on Wikipedia, is of course what they think of as useful Wikipedia criticism. Most will already be active participants, naturally. Wikipediocracy is like their R&R room, a place to goof off, pay Poetlister to put a dress on for you for entertainment, before making your way back to the battlefield.

Serious critics would be asking, why is gang warfare still a thing on Wikipedia? Why was it ever a thing on Wikipedia? And then they might surely arrive at the answer. Take a look at the sort of prick that gets elected to the powerful Committee specifically tasked with stopping gang warfare, and defending the core principles of Wikipedia, one of which is, no gang warfare please.

Peace and harmony. One mission. One purpose. Done with civility and respect.

Beeblebrox, not so much. He all about the disrespect. He all about the gang stuff. Props to my MILHIST peeps, they be locking it DOWN hard. Go get them fuckers from MOS420 my bros, you have my blessing.

This is one of many reasons why Wikipediocracy would prefer not to do serious Wikipedia criticism, and would prefer that serious critics like me not try to register on their forum to point out basic and obvious shit like this.

To point out that the main, perhaps the only problem Wikipedia has ever had, is the exceedingly low standards, shit, the absolute lack of morals at all, of the very people it unwisely picked, or otherwise let climb up the greasy pole, to positions of power and leadership.

You think ANYONE on the shop floor, from newcomer to veteran, gives a tiny rats ass about civility and respect, when they see how an Administrator like Drmies gets away with being an absolute cunt, all day, every day? An ArbCom sanctioned bully boy. Shit, I almost forgot, even HE managed to get elected to ArbCom.

This is the country where a Trump can get elected. When a toxic shithole like Wikipedia has the absolute gall to claim the moral high ground, well, all bets are off.

The Wikipediocrats get uncomfortable at the sight of grown men crying. Beeblebrox would bawl his eyes out at being fed these home truths, and then being asked to account for himself. Little bitch that he is.

They'll keep him on side, probably hoping they can leverage his obvious need for validation, into him becoming a back channel access route to sensitive information. Not for criticism, just for settling their own scores. If he hasn't begun to spill his guts to that panty sniffing wierd Tarantino already.

Who knew he was such a fragile prick? Who knew he was so desperate for validation?

Everyone. Everyone knew. This pasty white racist is exactly the kind of prick that seeks power on a platform like Wikipedia. And seeks the approval and respect of scum like Vigilant, Jake and Poetdancer. Over and above people like Dicklyon (179,651 edits), SMcCandlish (182,091 edits), Tony1 (235,724 edits), BarrelProof (69,477 edits), Narky Blert (384,212 edits) and Levivich (23,773 edits).

Over a million edits between them by the looks of it.

All "goons", in the eyes of Beeblebrox (99,133 edits).

Oh, what's that? Number of edits doesn't equate to sound judgement? Maybe. But the number of edits required to obtain basic respect from an Administrator is what exactly? I believe it is 1. Yes, 1, that is what they taught me at Wikipedia school.

And if these editors are such goons, an organised battle squad on Wikipedia, why are they even still on Wikipedia? Don't you, latterly as an Administrator, now an Arbitrator, have some role or responsibility in making sure such people can't become established editors on Wikipedia?

Nah, not him.

You need to posess good morals and hold yourself to high standards to be able to get the respect of people you seek to apply the wiki law to, otherwise they will run roughshod, making a mockery of any and all process designed to persuade, convince or force them into being either a model Wikipedia editor, or an outcast.

If it's only sniping from the sidelines, socialising with the real enemies of Wikipedia, and perhaps in time dispensing a thoroughly prejudiced ruling, that you want in your leaders, well, Beeblebrox is your man.

And NewYorkBrad is your perfect President for Life.

Good choice, wikishits!

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