Beeblebrox praised for being the very minimum he is expected to be.

Evil admin for many years, tossed out in 2020, now infesting Wikipediocracy
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Beeblebrox praised for being the very minimum he is expected to be.

Post by Jake Is A Sellout » Mon Jun 28, 2021 2:30 pm ... 55#p291244

As usual, the zooms of Wikipediocracy let this comment from a Wikipedia Administrator just go unchallenged.....
Boing! wrote:The observer could believe Beeblebrox. I don't know what others think, but I've known Beeblebrox for a good many years on WP (as has just about everyone here). In my view, he's been among the most open and honest admins and arbs that WP has had (not that I agree with everything he says, just that in my experience he's always been honest about it). Beeblebrox is unusual in being far more open and honest with us here at WO than any other arb would dare (and he's had criticism for it over at WP).
But yeah, sure, even if we believed a long time Wikipedia insider's word that Beeblebrox is open and honest, can I be the first to point out.....



That's the minimum requirement of an editor, if we're looking at policy alone. And in practice, it's certainly the minimum standard required of any old Administrator. And so naturally, for a member of the Arbitration Committee, you better fucking believe it shoud be the case he is commonly thought of as one their most open and honest Admins. If the process of selecting these people works as advertised.

This exemplifies Wikipedia. They're always looking for praise when they do the BARE MINIMUM that is expected. Not even a crowd sourced encyclopedia is expected to promote deadly "cures" for coronavirus. And an Arbitration Committee member is most certainly expected to be open and honest.

Just fuck off with this bullshit already.

In reality of course, it is known he is as dishonest as a 6 cent coin, but he works hard with it to defend the cult from the truth and to hide what he wants hidden, so he gets rewarded with a seat on the Committee. Especially when they're reeling from a rare outbreak of top down minimum standard enforcement.

And of course, as we have also seen, to the displeasure of his far more respected colleagues, he's been a little too loose with his tongue on Wikipediocracy, regarding official business that is frankly none of their fucking beeswax.

This is the measure of the man. He does out in the open, what others have the good sense to do in secret. That is how little he cares for the rules, how little has has to fear from anyone in that sick cult. That is the power he has, as a well supported exemplar of a community whose watchword is dishonesty and secrecy.

Boing! chooses not to see these incidents, clearly. And why would he? Where is the upside in him being honest about the actual conduct of a man like Beeblebrox?

Jake, you can either keep selling out, or you can let people onto you forum who know their ass from their elbow, and won't let dumb propaganda like this pass without comment.

Why do you think you're getting so many of these fucking kool aid drinking bastards on your forum these days? Because your coffee is that good? No. It's because you're sucking their dicks.

Sell out motherfucker.

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