Beeblebrox on race

Evil admin for many years, tossed out in 2020, now infesting Wikipediocracy
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Beeblebrox on race

Post by Jake Is A Sellout » Sat Aug 28, 2021 7:56 am

Beeblebrox's time at Wikipediocracy continues to be a scary and depressing window into the mind of the the sort of person who can garner wide democratic support from the toxic scum that is the Wikipedia community. And if you're thinking that's the secret clever aim of Wikipediocracy in comfortably hosting his racist ass and routinely fellating him, think again. He is genuinely, their kind of people.
The thing in the US is that most of our black people are descended from slaves. By and large hey do not know what their ancestry is beyond that. So, they have no real choice but to just consider themselves all the same people, and to be proud of that. They had their own history stolen from them.

It's clearly not the same for white people. It's fine to be proud if being German or Irish or Latvian or whatever, but "white pride" is just racism. There is no such thing as a white race anyway.

First, there's the absolute condescension to black people. That he dares to even speak for them, is astoundingly tone deaf in these times. And does he even have any actual evidence to back any of that shit up? He sounds so sure of himself.

From what little I know, the descendants of slaves take great pride in the fact many of them do know what specific African peoples/regions they came from, both from their own histories and the searching colonial records, which, contrary to popular myth, are actually quite detailed.

And those that don't, are obviously aware that they don't all look the same, they have different backgrounds stretching back to the time where all human history becomes a bit of a blur. There is usually something within that rich tapestry that they would attach themselves too, beyond the mere fact they are descendants of slaves.

The pan-African movement is a thing, but it's only a slightly bigger thing than the pan-American or pan-European or pan-Arabian for a reason. They are as proud of their individual regions and cultures as anyone else, and this applies equally if not more so to those who were forcibly exported as mere property.

You have to wonder if Beeblebrox is even aware of basic shit like how unlikely it is that Caribbean folk would really have much cultural affinity with the American descendants of slaves, and that any they do share, would be based on ther rather insulting and depressing thought that their "history" consists solely of one thing, their ancestors abduction.

Beeblebrox is fucking dumb. He sounds like what he is. A white man trying to talk about shit of which he does not know, and probably only becuase he wants to be seen as someone who cares, when he probably doesn't. The fucker does after all live unapolagetically the life of a colonial up there in Alaska, and is "proud" of it.

What little I know of black people, from their own words, is that they perhaps have far more affinity with each as a racial monolith, on that actual basis - a shared skin colour. For they know as well as anyone, that to a racist American cop, or a racist Wikipedia editor, it hardly matters if a black person they encounter is a US resident descended from slaves who perhaps has little idea of their history, or a tourist from South Africa who can trace his family back ten generations. They're both the same. N******.

And as a white person, I am educated enough about our history to know we are also not some homogeneous blob you can just package in one neat box named white guilt. There are millions of white people, some entire ethnic groups infact, whose major history consists of forced repatriation.

And if you're German or Irish in particular, which were really odd choices to make that point, almost as if he accidentally on purpose revealed his utter ignorance, there are plenty of circumstances where you for damn sure don't go around announcing how proud you are of your heritage, unless you perhaps do share a little too many common traits with the American idea of what it means to be white and proud.

And Latvian pride is of course inherently tied into the fact that a whole bunch of white near neighbours decided one day that for a few generations, it would be quite fun to wipe their unique history from the record books and treat them either as an inferior sub species or part of some white monolith. I somehow doubt any descendants of American slaves would be seeking to play the game of whose people have had the worst lot in life with Latvians.

I don't doubt Beeblebrox is descended from a people who educated Western Europeans considered inferior and were perhaps quite glad to have pedsuaded/forced onto a ship bound for the new world. And it is his sad lot that he hasn't used his new life in the new world to educate himself. But that's the American school system for you. That's the American society for you. The culture who brought us Wikipedia.

Despite the vast majority of that country having no rightful claim to it, even NOW, you will see dumb white settlers like Beeblebrox acting like the white race is the rightful owner and narrator of American history. Able to speak for the descendants of slaves while they assuage their guilt, at the same time always somehow conveniently forgetting there was another entire racial group that suffered at the hands of those colonial powers, and continued to suffer under the colonial hands of the nascent Amercan Empire. An Empire that is now surely vying for a place in the history books as worse than even Darth Vader's lot, in terms of how many digits you need to put in the fatality column.

Beeblebrox is a tone deaf dumb racist prick, who is either pretending to be woke for personal gain, or is making a half-assed incompetent effort at being a civilised person, assured in the knowledge nobody around him has the power to truly illuminate the dimly lit void between his ears if he does not wish it. Such is his white privilege as a grown ass adult man whose chosen hobby, nay his goddamned life, is Wikipedia.

In other words, a very successful Wikipedia editor. :?

Way to sell out, Jake. It's all right for you, none of your people have to suffer at hands of this colonial prick. A statement of fact that is true on so many levels, it is beyond funny. :lol: :ugeek:

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Re: Beeblebrox on race

Post by ericbarbour » Mon Aug 30, 2021 2:39 am

Yeah, the guy has angry-honky-from-Alaska cooties all over him. Yech.

Wonder what he thinks of Sarah Palin. Evidently doesn't like her--nor ANY Alaska politician.

This is what I could find: ... arah_Palin ... omination) ... ._Rupright ... omination)

These here are great, he tried to kill the article about Palin's church. And FAILED. Idiot. ... omination)
also this ... la,_Alaska

NOW are you starting to see why he resigned, and flopped over to Wikipediocracy?

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