Spartaz perfectly illustrates why Beeblebrox is able to be such a massive hypocrite

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Spartaz perfectly illustrates why Beeblebrox is able to be such a massive hypocrite

Post by Jake Is A Sellout » Thu Sep 02, 2021 6:41 pm

Sparta is a Wikipedia Administrator, so Beeblebrox is his nominal boss.

Beeblebrox makes sure people like Spartaz are loyal, and the benefits are obvious in a couple of things Spartaz did during Beeblebrox's bizarre bout of entirley unrovoked off and on wiki harassment of Fae over his to jar proposal.
have returned to the project after a long break and was conscious that one of the things I left undone was a review of my block here and indications of where I saw the path forward. I have reviewed what happened at the time of blocking, events since and the comments since the block. What was intended to be a quick look at Commons turned into a rabbithole of getting sucked into reading the commons vp and com:anu over the ridiculous dispute with a current arb here. I was struck that the key concern expressed here against unblocking - namely the diffusion of drama and tendency to personalise and escalate disagreements by throwing petrol everywhere was playing out in commons in front of my eyes. Clearly nothing has changed about fae’s approach and, I fear, it is unreasonable to expect it to change in future.

Having thought about it long and hard, I have concluded that there is no path forward for fae here that will not eventually lead to unnecessary drama, unnecessary drama unnecessarily escalated and massive disruption to this project as a consequence. I therefore now fully oppose an unblock under any circumstances. The only path left is for either an appeal to the community.

Is this unfair on fae? Probably yes, but sometimes we just have to look at the overall good of the project and in my opinion and of many of those commenting, the good of the project does not have fae editing here because of the eventual expectation of unnecessary drama and disruption. Spartaz Humbug! 14:21, 1 September 2021 (UTC)
What does that mean? In short, Spartaz has upgraded the status of Fae on Wikipedia from "only has to convince a single Administrator" to earn an unblock, to "has to plead his case to the whole [majority white straight male] community". And he did that based on what he read at Commons during this episode of Beeblebrox going over there to harass him, on an entirely different project. Which btw, you can quite clearly see, was an episode of quite unnecessary drama and disruption if ever there was one.

Which is of course very strange, because a big part of that episode, was Beeblebrox repeatedly stating that he can't be punished on Commons for things he hadn't done on Commons. It doesn't matter whether you think that's right or wrong, what matters is that Beeblebrox has just personally benefitted from one interpretation (you can) while espousing another (you can't). Naked hypocrisy for personal gain.

The real question is, who promoted Spartaz to return to Wikipedia at this opportune time, to stick the knife into Fae? Seems a good bet that it was Beeblebrox himself.

In a startlingly related episode, Spartaz was Johnny on the spot to get hopping mad at the fact an English Wikipedia editor accused Beeblebrox of doxxing. He steamed over to their talk page to defend their honour, only just beaten by Beeblebrox's own ArbCom colleague Worm, to quite rightly state.....
Powerful claims require strong evidence and I'd like to see the specific edits which support your allegations please. Spartaz Humbug! 16:22, 1 September 2021 (UTC)
That is quite correct. One of Beeblebrox's jobs is to keep reminding Administrators this is the standard expectation.

So you're hopefully going to be surprised and disgusted to see that one of the things that happened in that Commons debate, therefore something Spartaz MUST has seen with his own eyes, was the sight of Beeblebrox stating on Commons own Admin noticeboard no less, without offering any evidence to back up the claim, that Fae interjects himself into every debate Beeblebrox is in, to accuse him of bad faith. In other words, hounding. A serious offence. One that if true, would easily accomplish Beeblebrox's current and clearly stated objective, to get Fae blocked on Commons too. Which perhaps shows that it isn't true.

Do be disgusted, don't be surprised.

One example of a friendly Administrator allowing his nominal boss Beeblebrox to do something he expects his enemies not to do, might be an accident. To see two examples, is a pattern.

Beeblebrox hates Fae. Spartaz blocked Fae on English Wikipedia waves ago, a block Beeblebrox used to smear Fae on Commons as a response to a complaint Fae raised about Beeblebrox. These are two indisputable facts. Add to that now, the observation that Spartaz has seemingly looked the other way when putting himself forward as an unbiased observer concerning an incident where he seeks to judge what Fae has done in response to a series of attacks by Beeblebrox, and adjusted his status on English Wikipedia accordingly.

To me, that looks like corruption or even conspiracy, compounding the initial offence of Beeblebrox harassing Fae.

If it were me, I'd not be wasting time filing complaints to an executive that Beeblebrox seems quite convinced wouldn't be interested, and for good reason, since they hardly need yet another scandal where it can be argued the self governance of Wikipedia is riven with corruption and where acting in their own self interes, where the powerful prevail over the powerless, is the default.

I'd go down a quite different route. :flamingbanana:

Maybe Wikipediocracy can put these things to Beeblebrox?

Oh look, a flying pig! :lol:

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