Beeblebrox openly insults his fellow Wikipediocrat. Jake does nothing. The truth of it all is writ large.

Evil admin for many years, tossed out in 2020, now infesting Wikipediocracy
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Beeblebrox openly insults his fellow Wikipediocrat. Jake does nothing. The truth of it all is writ large.

Post by Jake Is A Sellout » Sat Sep 25, 2021 9:24 am

We all know Ca$hbag, he's a solid poster, and certainly a fully functioning human who can spell gud. He posted a topic titled "Does commons implant algorythems?", and it looks like it could go somewhere. The spelling of algorithms was clearly a joke, the sort of humour us titans of wit often employ, to soften the harsh edges of our necessarily venomous sermons.

The last thing a topic like that needs, is some random prick being a drive by asshole for dickhole reasons. A witless wonder.

But sadly, Wikipediocracy has Beeblebrox, and he continues to show all the class and integrity that got him elected to ArbCom, as a solid only 50% more trustworthy
than Kudpung candidate, in how he participates.

Perhaps because he doesn't know Ca$hbag, perhaps because he just can't help himself, he inserted himself into the thread with a sarcastic pointer to the Wiktionary entry for "algorithm". ... 45#p295583

As funny as it is that he thinks Wiktionary is a reliable source, he was not being funny, he was being serious. Toxic asshole serious. There was no friendly smiley, and not content with making his sarcastic commentary, massive prick that he is, he even edited the post title in his own post to the correct spelling, so people properly understood what he meant by it.

He Beeblebroxxed the shit out of that thread. Or at least tried to. Luckily people did what Wikipedia editors are sadly not allowed to do, and just ignored the sad prick.

And this happened all the way back on Thursday, and there's been no sign of anyone, least of all Jake, asking what the fuck Beeblebrox thinks he's doing. Everyone else seems just too scared to even complain about this shit stain evidently being an accepted part of the furniture, one of the immortal "we". Not even Vigilant can seemingly find the balls to protest.

I'd knock his fucking block off. But that's just me. "Too hostile" for Wikipediocracy. :lol:

What an absolute fucking sell out you are Jake. No, don't respond, we know you can't really take Beeblebrox's dick out of your mouth unless it's to say something really important.

In other news, still no sign that Wikipediocracy wants to present a settled narrative of what they think Framgate was all about, least of all in a blog post. Maybe it was perfectly legal, maybe it wasn't. Maybe you'd have to be insane to doubt their claim something shady went on, maybe it's just one of many equally llikely scenarios. They're still deciding, I guess.

Take your time fellas. Or should I say, Wikipedian fellators.

Because of course, you'd have to be an absolute thick cunt not to realise who the main beneficiaries of this deliberate and endless ambiguity that necessarily shrouds every conspiracy theory really are. People like Beeblebrox. The wannabe revolutionary people's front of Wikipedia.

They want nothing more than for people to think the safety and security of the faithful is in good hands with people like him at the top.

Aye, right. Look at the company he keeps. Look at his moral compass. You think he isn't passing your confidential details to that scum? The fucker not only would do it, he wouldn't even be looking to trade it. He's clearly so desperate for validation, he would do it just so he can feel like one of the gang.

First rule of being in a gang? Having the good sense to know who else is in it. Stupid fucker can't even do that right.

Or, and this is the really stomach churning part of all this, maybe he knows exactly who Ca$hbag is, maybe he has even been sold out by Jake or his panty sniffing minion Tarantino (or Smiley/Hillbillyholiday for that matter, since we can't just forget what he is, can we?), and so now he is perhaps trying to start something?

It won't work, of course. Ca$hbag was lured to Wikipediocracy way back, for the right reasons, in a time before the takeover by Jake..... ... f=8&t=4133

...and so he's not about to fall for some lame ass Wikipedia dickholery.

One wonders if that sort of person would ever even bother to register now. Newly enlightened people trying to escape and vent about the scumlords of Wikipedia, not looking to be fucked with by them all over again, in a place they apparently now see as a home from home.

Even back then, Wikipediocracy was clearly trying to walk the line between solid HTD resource and some kind of fucked up Help Us To Help You whackadoodle forum. But it was still at least clear who the enemy was, and who "we" was, and what the broad purpose of the site was.

Now that we can see who has since left and who has remained and consolidated their power, it is rather obvious why that forum went all in on the Dick Sucking side of things, and bizarrely came to view the likes of Beeblebrox as deserving of their support and sympathy, not the real victims of Wikipedia. The powerless. The voiceless. The easily silenced.

And they can't even really say they have managed to keep the tone of discourse at a higher level than Wikipedia. Which is bizarre, because the percentage of devoted Wikipedia editors as core posters, properly high ranking ones too, has only gone up!

The arrival of Beeblebrox to properly shit up the place, was frankly, inevitable.

For shame Jake.


And we all know Jake. Too much of a coward to even admit what he has done, much less take corrective action.

He's Wikipedia's bitch, now.

It comes to all who are not ideologically pure.

As Ca$hbag rightly said.....
The faster [Wikipedia] runs out of traffic and goes to hell, the better.
HTD! :twisted:

Naturally such opinions are disagreeable to Beeblebrox. For what is he, really, without Wikipedia? Nothing. A big fat zero. Just a racist American fuck occupying Alaska and looking down on the natives. He is Wikipedia, personified. More Wikipedia than the Foundation, that's for damn sure.

We can never truly know how or why the likes of Vigilant were turned. We just know that they are not what they used to be. They don't see what they used to see.

There must be a cleansing.

We must have purity.


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