Beeblebrox on the "developmentally disabled"

Evil admin for many years, tossed out in 2020, now infesting Wikipediocracy
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Beeblebrox on the "developmentally disabled"

Post by Jake Is A Sellout » Mon Oct 04, 2021 7:00 pm

This bloke most definitely has a blindspot when it comes to sensitivity.
Blocks for incompetence often take longer than they should to happen, because admins don't really like doing them. It is something that needs to be done, but it's unpleasant, or even sad. You try to tell yourself that you can never truly know if someone is incompetent or just trolling, but if you've dealt with enough developmentally disabled people in your life you can usually tell. (I would note that some people blocked for incompetence are not disabled, I believe the scientific term is "stupid people". That's a lot easier to as that isn't the same thing at all.) And now you have to tell someone you would normally sympathize with that they can't do the thing they are trying to do and they have to stop doing it. They have probably been told this before, more times that you would like to think. It's one more little defeat in their life.
I am curious to know how Beeblebrox even determines whether an editor is actually developmentally disabled or merely "stupid".

It seems highly likely that he will have at some point called someone with a legitimate medical reason for being unable to navigate Wikipedia, stupid.

Such a situation could of course be avoided if Wikipedia was the sort of place where the highest ranked Administrators, the beacons of leadership, were capable of following the civility policy. Which can be expressed quite simply in this circumstance, as don't call people stupid, even if you think they're stupid. Use your words.

I think we all probably suspect Beeblebrox doesn't follow the civility policy by choice, known in scientific circles as being an Asshole, a known problem of Wikipedia. But wouldn't it just be HILARIOUS if he genuinely had a medical excuse?

If only Wikipediocracy's best and brightest were alert to these issues, and on spotting these sort of posts being made made Beeblebrox on their forum, would think to ask the logical questions that flow from them, so that the public might better understand why Wikipedia is such a joke when it comes to self governance. But they aren't. Fucking retards.

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