Evil admin for many years, tossed out in 2020, now infesting Wikipediocracy
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Re: Beeblebrox

Post by CrowsNest » Sun Oct 06, 2019 5:15 pm ... 14&t=10792

See, now this comment would already be all kinds of fucked up just because of how bad a person Fae obviously is (drama obsessed, overly sensitive, duplicitous, etc, etc)......
When we were kids, both of my sisters figured out that if we had some kind of fight, I'd be the one to get in trouble if they cried enough. It didn't always work, my parents weren't stupid, but it worked just often enough that they kept at it.

Fae figured out this same thing. Fae and Laura Hale should write a book together about how to emotionally manipulate online communities through playing the victim.

Fae also seems aware that they are on perpetual thin ice on en, and is topic banned from their main areas of interest. That may be mitigating their behavior somewhat, but just to be clear I for one would rather they were just gone from the project.
...but the fact he posted a comparison of his sisters to Fae in that thread after the good people of Wikipediocracy have made their usual homophobic remarks and other insinuations about his sexual deviance, well.......

Lucky girls to have a brother like that. No wonder they hated him.
Commons "community" is critically broken, much more so than en.wp.

A man who let's random fuckos on the internet think his sisters are fucking bitches at best, sexual deviants at worst, just to try to fit in with those very same random fuckos?

All under the nose of a site owner who has encouraged his membership to pick a side in the Wikipedia-Commons war, rather than be a neutral observer, and is thus presumably ecstatic at this spectacular example of how they (think) they can influence things by being deliberately vile?

A site owner who will undoubtedly celebrate the completely gratuitous invocation of a woman's name in that comment who really has got literally fuck all to do with the topic at hand, just to further her harassment at the hands of a Wikipedia Administrator who seems so suited to harassment of women he hates he'll trash talk his own sisters?

That's broken.

Hatin' on the gays. Hatin' on the women. So far, so Wikipediocracy.

Who knows, maybe his sister's are lesbians, and as they grew up in ButtCreek Alaska, they didn't let poor old Beeble rub his tiny dick on them, because OOOO GROSS!

Those childhood frustrations aside, which of course is pure speculation on my part, what is clear and obvious about the Beeblebrox of today as he excises his demons on the harassment site, is that he's just mad because as it turned out, in pretty short order, and with about a hundred times less drama than would have happened on, the Commons community is politely declining Fae's request for Adminship, and is doing based on the merits of the case as it pertains to Commons.

The opinions of parochial fucks in the internal governance decisions of their local project is neither requested nor required (Colin is a genuine Wikimedian), be that delivered directly like a man, or from the dark fetid basement of his scuzzy mate's clubhouse.

It's going to fail even after they have completely discounted Beeblebrox's sad little oppose vote as nothing more than a broken individual thinking he can import his butthurt to Commons and recruit his vile Wikipediocracy buddies to the cause.

I mean, honestly, how pathetic is this?
Oppose This simply isn't someone I feel can be trusted with the block button. Beeblebrox (talk) 17:05, 5 October 2019 (UTC)
You're not someone who can be trusted to respect your own sisters, but you're considered good people by At least that was the case a decade ago. From your cold dead sister hating hands, eh? (hopefully his sister's aren't literally cold and dead, but it is Alaska, and he is a Wikipedian).

Beeblebrox would undoubtedly call his own mother a cheap dirty whore for an RfA process on that was as manifestly not broken compared to that of his home wiki, where he of course considers himself an RfA subject expert.

Rather than publicly disrespecting your sisters, Beeblebrox, why not reflect on the fact this vile person in that thread is probably an editor of great repute.......
Maybe what the RfA needs are examples of some of the twisted stuff he's uploaded.


Fae must've whipped out the Queer Cabal for this one.
.....someone who probably has your back in all your endeavors.

You probably even know who he is. So give him up. Tell us his username. Just so we can see how not broken he is. Because he looks pretty broken to me. He's pretty terrified of me, the little pissant, and so he should be.

How's the solicitation of ArbCom leaks going? Not sure I've ever seen a Commons Administrator betray their own community's trust like that in a long time, if ever.

You told your sisters now you spend your days?

What is it with these fucks? This guy, Dennis Brown, Eric Corbett, Drmies, I've caught all of them at one time or another just casually chatting about their wives, mothers, sisters, and never really in a good way (at best they get used as anecdotal pawns like this).

You can bet your life none of them know anything about it.

Say what you like about Commons, you don't see that kind of broken over there. Most likely because they're not really running a social network.

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Re: Beeblebrox

Post by CrowsNest » Mon Oct 07, 2019 6:45 pm

What an absolute worm.
Literally nobody is thoroughly familiar with every single policy. There's just too many. However, there is an expectation that they be familiar with content policies as basic as verification of content through reliable sources, since that's something that's expected of everybody.

I was going to ask a follow up to my question but now it would feel like kicking him when he's down. Currently dead even at 28-28. That's "you should withdraw now" territory if I've ever seen it.
His first question?
This is a follow up based on the second half of your answer to Q1: EN.Wikipedia does suffer from inadequate coverage of African topics, so wanting to work on that is great, but there are some aspects of your answer that are bit troubling. One is that you seem to be suggesting that you would substitute your own judgement for that of an admin who previously deleted an article. The other is your statement that you were tracking down sources for an article when it was deleted and there was "no way to continue." To my mind the solution to both of these issues is to simply write the new article yourself, so I'm wondering why that seemingly did not occur to you.
Someone who knows policy would know these are not the mandated solutions. They're what a mug of an editor trained to obey the word of Administrators as infallible would do, hence why Beebletits sees the situation that way, but Administrators make mistakes, and that's why they have WP:REFUND. No need to force editors to repeat work already done just to spare the blushes of a cowboy like Fastily (although to blush he would need to be capable of feeling shame).

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Re: Beeblebrox

Post by CrowsNest » Tue Oct 08, 2019 8:50 pm

It seems as though there is a feeling that now's the time to run, I don't recall this many RFAs coming back-to-back in years. And its mostly people I've never heard of before.

Why would these people have stayed away from Beeblebrox? Or never otherwise been worth noticing by Beeblebrox? Such a puzzler......
Greenman is also a friendly editor
From a temperament perspective, Kees08 is easy going, and always willing to provide help.
A look through [GermanJoe]'s edits shows much evidence of ..... decency ........
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Re: Beeblebrox

Post by lupcojansteriev » Tue Jul 06, 2021 6:29 am NASCARfan0548 takes wikicake and swallows it too and he wants to be administrator badly like ferien wikiasshole!!! ... 5186987547

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