WIPO, China, and Wikimedia

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WIPO, China, and Wikimedia

Post by ericbarbour » Wed Jun 01, 2022 1:26 am

https://www.techdirt.com/2022/05/31/wip ... a-chapter/
A single objection is not supposed to be enough to block entrance as an observer to WIPO, but the organization has a history of favoring some and blocking others based on silly reasons. For example, a few years back it rejected the Pirate Party’s application to be an observer, but did allow a group whose mission included freeing us from space lizards’ control. Really.

In 2021, China once again objected to Wikimedia Foundation’s application, and once again, the sniveling, spineless WIPO leaders agreed and refused to admit the organization.

This year, rather than try again with the Wikimedia Foundation, since WIPO has made it clear that it will not be allowed in thanks to a single “no” vote from one country, six separate independent local chapters decided to apply instead. The local chapters from France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Sweden, and Switzerland each separately applied for observer status.

And, China complained about each one, so of course, WIPO rejected all six applications.
WIPO is a pathetic organization. This has been well known for years. Like a lot of nonprofits, it is poorly run and has issues with internal corruption and raging incompetence. And you thought Wikimedia was the "worst" in that area. They, at least, aren't bending over to kiss the PRC's swollen ring of hemorrhoids.

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