We are not stupide, Sashi

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We are not stupide, Sashi

Post by Graaf Statler » Sat Jan 12, 2019 12:57 pm

SashiRolls requests a hearing and The James Alexander Farewell Thread are only a attempted of WMF to cover there ass because they overplayed there troll cards.
What are you thinking, Sashi, that we don't know Wikicrazy is just the spreekbuis, speaking-tube of WMF and you just one of there marionettes? Come on, Shasi, we are not as stupide as that!

But most of all I am wonder want they think to reach. A new fresh troll start, or real to improve things.
Well, the last option gaat niet gebeuren, is not going to happend with the brandhout staff what they have now, I assure you. And the first option will fail very soon too. Both options is a complete wasting of time as long WMF doesn't replace all puddingheads, and not just Alexander.

So in general this is a again a waisting of time and money, as usual. But a nice try.

(brandhout staff=firewood staff)

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