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Keep it on black, bunch of shit cans! 
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Wikipedia bald haftbar für Bilder und Videos?

Wikipedia Deutschland könnte dann für Bilder und Videos haftbar gemacht werden, die User ohne urheberrechtliche Erlaubnis auf die Plattform stellen. Die heutige Abschaltung von Wikipedia ist bislang beispiellos. John Weitzman betonte, dass dieser Schritt nicht zum Standard und Wikipedia keine politische Plattform werden soll:

Well, in my opinion is Wikipedia for years already a political platform, to be more exacte a Pirate Party platform. Only a pity that Pirate Party has complete left the European political field. And I am afraid it is not Balt haftbar but just haftbar.


Well, that will be a hell of a job for Romaine and his friends what is waiting for them, because they have not even made a start there in Brussels. At first, there beloved Pirate party has hardly to non politic represents anymore, and have they to stared from the sketch in all the European country's with there political activity's. Because urheberrecht, auteursrecht, (Copyright) is a national affair.
And yesterday I had not even the change to vote for there Pirate Party, it was not even on the voting list. And they are also not on the European voting lists in May. So I am really wondering how they want to "modernise" (read take whatever you want and don't pay) the copyright in Europe.

Because if you want to change something here you need at least some political influence and not a few trolling Pirate Bay/Pirate Party kids with a free beer for all party because that is not very effective. And if I read the Email of Edo not only the Pirate Party is a free beer club, because Edo had goed aan het bier gezeten on his chapter meeting according to his email. And no, it is not in the head lines of the European newspapers. Because nobody here give a dammed fuck about your shitty Wikipedia and newspapers are very, very close to our governments.

Has it ever crossed you mind we, in the second most succesfull country in the world after Switzerland and one of the richest industry nation in the world (Germany) don't need Romania=>Wikimedia, complet idiots as Gerlach and pirate Party Dimi to "modernise" al kind of things like how we fuck our woman or our woman fuck us man and how we handle our copyright? No woman, man gay, trans or strait will buy your gender crap and unrealistic bullshit of a few complete frustrated woman and a bunch of fools who belong in a institute in my opinion and no judge too.

Get lost here, get lost out of my country before we take you in the hard way on the tip of our shoe with your shitty illegal activity's and gender bullshit. Don't plays games with the Germans, don't play games with the Dutch Jimmy. You are several times warned in the newspapers.Take that message serious otherwise you will see what happens. This is Europe, and if you don't know Europe It can be a very dangers and unpredictable place. Believe this for one time from a old man who has a several times seen in his life what happend with guys like you. They end up very bad, believe me if they don't pick up the right messages. This is my country, I trust ny government 100% and this was the final warning of me. Take it as what it is worth for you, but don't complain tlater you where not warned in the Dutch way.

Same here, same tekst.


Mijn blog. (In Dutch) of kom eens gezellig bij de Kolonel langs in Eerbeek.
En kijk eens hier, het "Verboden" lijstje van door mij aangemaakte artiklen.

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