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O,o, problems in paradise..........

Posted: Sat Mar 23, 2019 7:55 pm
by Graaf Statler
Real, real problems in paradise and for sure this will end up in a investigation of the EU!

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Dennis Horn wrote: Das Geld ging laut @je5perl an rund 20 Aktivisten, das Budget lag bei rund 15.000 Euro. Das hier ist ein Bild der Reise.

google translate wrote:The money was loud @ je5perl to around 20 activists, the budget was around 15,000 euros. This is a picture of the journey ... 3825889281

CDU/CSU wrote:Wenn amerikanische Konzerne mit massivem Einsatz von Desinformationen und gekauften Demonstranten versuchen, Gesetze zu verhindern, ist unsere Demokratie bedroht.

Google translate wrote:When American corporations with massive use of disinformation and bought protesters try to prevent laws, our democracy is under threat

I warned you before, Europe is a very mysterious continent what you must know very careful if you deal with it. You must read very, very precise between the lines often. Exacte what I predicted is going to happen with exacte the right timing....
And these are channels to take serious. Dennis Horn, Digitalexperte in der ARD, and the CDU/CSU EP. Don't play around with the Germans, I showed you before what will happend if you do so with that video of Varoufakis.

Re: O,o, problems in paradise..........

Posted: Sat Mar 23, 2019 9:49 pm
by Graaf Statler ... 6790632453

Das Geld stammt laut FAZ zu 2/3 von der Soros-Stiftung.

The money is from the free source mouvement. But the CDU/CSU EP is speaking about silicon Money.
Well, the EP has something to figure out, because with such a claim you have to put your money where your mouth is in my opinion. Because it is a serious accusation.

Re: O,o, problems in paradise..........

Posted: Mon Mar 25, 2019 12:50 pm
by Graaf Statler
We are talking about real, real problems.........

This is written in the high quality German newspaper "Handelsblatt". (Not to confused with the Dutch NRC-Handelsblad)

Handelsblatt DE wrote: Die Kommission bezeichnete die friedlichen Demonstranten stattdessen als „Mob“, ein CDU-Europaabgeordneter sah in Zuschriften von reformkritischen Wählern eine „Fake-Aktion“ von Google.

google translate wrote:Instead, the commission called the peaceful demonstrators a "mob," a CDU MEP saw Google's "fake action" in letters from reform-critical voters.

And this about the Berlin demonstration:

EU-Kommissionsvize Frans Timmermans verteidigte das Vorhaben. Es sei nicht gerecht, wenn nur Konzerne wie etwa Google mit geistigem Eigentum Gewinne machten, sagte er den Funke-Zeitungen.

Google Translate wrote:EU Commission vice-president Frans Timmermans defended the project. It would not be fair if only corporations such as Google made intellectual property gains, he told Spark News.

Is not fair and doest't feel fair. WMF/Wikipedia has treated me as a piece of shit, I have withdrawn my license to use my work, but Google just re-use my work without my permission. And I am absolute not the only one. Referring themself in a wrong way on the CC licence. Because CC Netherlands is very clear, the CC licence is in Holland only suitable for your own work and you keep always the copyright. And the copyright holder is the one who decide what happens with his work, and not some shitty wiki community or WMF.

And the use of Wikipedia as a interface has been very reprehensible and has to be careful examined. I compete agree with Helga Trüpel, the black-outs where a attempted to practice politics with wikipedia and I also agree with the European CDU politicians this was undermining of the European democracy. And I myself blame the European wikipedians they have been extreem poor European civilians without any resect for our European and national political leaders and our laws. And other, special the American wikipedians i blame for being extreem poor civilians too, because Europe and America are very close connected continents. We will always will be connected with America and England and other country's what has saved us all, including Germany from the N*azi's. Many people in the age of many wikipedians have given there lives for our European freedom. They are flowers who will always stay for ever a flower bud, who had never the change to experience life and become a flower of there nation. We still thank them out the bottom of our heart on 4 May and they are the year around in our heart. We will never forget them and what these countries have done for us, giving the life of there children, the highest price there is.

And what have the wikipedians and WMF done? Trying to undermine our democracy and in this way and indirect the democracy of there own country too. it is a huge scandal what has happend. They are betrayers.

Re: O,o, problems in paradise..........

Posted: Tue Mar 26, 2019 2:42 pm
by Miljoenenlijntje
Indeed so, but what will actually come out of all this, since it's only in the Summer of 2021 that it has to be implemented: why are they always so lame and slow at the EU? => ... ktaks.html

Re: O,o, problems in paradise..........

Posted: Thu Apr 04, 2019 1:30 am
by Graaf Statler
Wat ben jij lekker door de mand gevallen, Bart. Wat ben jij op je smoel gegaan, niet normaal......

En dat eigenlijk alleen met een stukje zuivere bluf, maar uiteindelijk bleek dus dat jij gewoon een Wikimedia lid bent en met wikipedia legal van doen hebt, want dat verhaal dat hacken slaan natuurlijk als een tang op een varken.
De bedrieger bedrogen, je bent er gewoon vierkant ingetrapt en liet al je kaarten uit je handen vallen. Welterusten, legale Bart..... Wat een giller, ik lach me naar! Wikimedia legal Bart volgas door de bocht, en doe je Edo de hartelijke groeten van me?