So we were asked if we were a sect

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So we were asked if we were a sect

Post by Graaf Statler » Thu Mar 28, 2019 10:11 am ... 4674393088

It was rediciles. No one in Europe has ever heard of the pirate Party, you can not vote for them for the simple reason they are in most elections not registered and they don't have political campaigns.
Basically they only exist in the virtual world where they have a important fraction in Jimmy's internet parliament what seems to exist. But in the real world, no, the don't exist other than some free beer pub party.
Because here meetings are in pub's, it is almost imposible to find any information outside wikipedia about them where they have impressive articles. in the daily news they are never mentioned. It is just one of the many, many free beer and we shall change the world party's wat exist in Europe, I gave many examples before. Just pay 450 euro and start your one party, that is possible here. And so we have party's like Niet stemmers, Respect, HHH Partij. Well, have a look, last elections it were 81 and the Piraten Partij was one of them.We have a long tradition.

Splinter partijen we call them, these one issue party's. Yanis Varoufakis is doing again a attempt with his splinter party DiEM25. He want to reform the complete EU. Well, at least Varoufajkis now know how the EU operate because he learned that in the hard way just like Julia Reda did.
Is the EU a invisible oligarchic technocracy? Yes. Are the invisible leaders, the EU is a buisnes platform between the member states, such a bad, undemocratic people? No, not at all, on the contrary. They listen very, very careful to the people and take there decisions very, very considered. They are super democrats.
And I hope everybody understand very, very well they not only listen to a few pirate bay kids who are telling a lot of bullshit and who have highjacked the Dutch Wikipedia because that is what has happend. But also have look to the other side and listen what those people have to say. Hear and be heard, a unfamiliar thing for our Maoist brave wikipedians.

I want to give the Jura commission of Alex Voss a huge compliment. They listened to the kids with the kitty videos, they listened to the people who make satire, they understood the platform had to be responsible for the 200Px picture of a 15 year old boy and not the kid itself because they make millions, and they listed to the creators and journalists who see there work used by others who make in a lazy way billons and billions in this way.

But they have seen more, Jimmy. They have seen how kids and other people where mobilised by people who where putting protected work under a free licence and are capitalising work of others in a extreem snaky way. And how people who notice this are treated.
You Jimmy noticed on your tweeter article 13 and 11 are against us. Yes Jimmy, they are. They are against people who are governing by shitstorm, to be more exacte against you and your shitty projects as wikipedia and now your wikitribune. Article 11 and 13 are against shitcans like you and parasits and people who are trying to undermine the democracy. Is it now clear to you, Jimmy?

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