He, Fräulein Reda!

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He, Fräulein Reda!

Post by Graaf Statler » Thu Mar 28, 2019 5:57 pm

I don't get something, Fräulein

Here you are telling "al of a sudden" it appeared the second candidate on the European Parliamentary Elections list of the German Pirate Party was reported for sexual harassment at his workplace. But, on your twitter you posted yesterday a video with a story this person had ruined the whole article 11 and 13 campaign of the Pirate Party. Your office had lost almost all there time because of this sexism and sexual harassment scandal and could not do there work proper. At least that is what you are saying here. If i watch from 1.02 on, well, it must have a disaster this man. Ein swerige slag versetzt , es hat uns richtig psychisch mitgenommen, und für monaten hat er alles getan um consequences für sichself zu verhinderen. well, well well. Der mensch die meine arbeid am meiste geschadet hatte, vielleicht hatten wir anders gewonnen. Frau Reda, i understand Germans as well as Dutch, this is complete Romaine bullshit you are predicting!

It is rediciles, a person who is doing this kind of things is instantly fired and arrested by the police after one telephone call and no party will put this person on the second place as a candidate! You are lying, it was never the intention to base a serieus party. This is a total Romaine shit story like I have heard tauntsands of it on wikipedia and you should be deep ashamed! Sexual harassment is a serious matter and not something to misuse in this way to fool your potential voters, Frau Reda!

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