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Wikimedia joins the W3C
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Author:  ericbarbour [ Thu Mar 28, 2019 12:44 pm ]
Post subject:  Wikimedia joins the W3C ... onsortium/

And "msmash", one of the few Slashdot front-page submitters left (who I suspect is former WMF employee Sarah Stierch), posted it ... consortium

First comment makes a good point: the W3C is very pro-corporate and pro-DRM in its official positions.
Wikimedia foundation joins pro-DRM group (Score:2)
The EFF left the W3C for good reason. Why is Wikipedia not following their lead?
Maybe banning tor users from participating is causing them to lose this part of the big picture.

Followed quickly by that fucking spergy idiot Koavf raving about what "great news" it is.
The usual incompetent amateurish propagandization continues. And Slashdot continues to decline....

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