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R.I.P. Pirate Party
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Author:  Graaf Statler [ Fri Mar 29, 2019 3:37 am ]
Post subject:  R.I.P. Pirate Party

This is of course a style Romaine=> Wikimedia shit story from the first category. (German)
What happend according to our pirates?
I wil tell you in my one words what happend because much of it is in (spoken) German.

Well, a pirate named Gilles Bordelais, a office clerk of the Pirate Party in Brussels should have sexual harassed a woman, what is still investigated by a department of the European Parliament. The incident should, according to Reda, has happend months ago and had cost her team so much time and energy that it could be the reason the complete article13 campaign has failed. It had even hurt the staff psychical. (videolink I have given before, German)

Julia Reda has resigned she told in that same video statement and is now a ex-pirate. Why? Because Bordelais is the second person on the candidate list of the pirate Party, and it is impossible to change that list, so Jullia Reda has has given the advice to her fans don't vote for the pirate party and has destroyed in this way all the goodwill they had build up in the past time. And the party has thanked her for her good work in a different statement.

It seems if someone is accepted on a party list for the European elections it is impossible to change that afterwards. You can't withdraw yourself, you can't change with someone else, that is what they write in there statements and I have no reason to believe that is not true. And it is a investigation by a EU department but Bordelais is not find guilty till now.

And that is the story and draw your one conclusions and keep in mind I am a Dutchman how has to reproduce a incident in German in English.

Author:  Graaf Statler [ Sat Mar 30, 2019 2:35 am ]
Post subject:  Re: R.I.P. Pirate Party

Only for documentation. Strange story. ... wahl-2019/

9./10. Juni 2018 - Gilles Bordelais auf den zweiten Listenplatz der Piratenpartei Deutschland zur Europawahl 2019 gewählt (Bordelais is on the second place on the list chosen for the elections in May.)

13. Juni 2018 - Julia Reda erhält die erste Beschwerde über sexuelle Belästigung durch ihren Angestellten Bordelais. (First time Reda is speaking about the sexual harassment of one of Bordelais employees.)

27. March 2019 - Just after the article 13/17 voting Reda left the party and tell here followers and fans not to vote for the Pirate party. And Bordelais should be the reason the complete article 13 campaign has failed. (in short. What was of course complete bullshit, the plan to conquer the Europe Parliament with a bunch of wikipedia trolls was form the first moment on insane and complete foolish of course. Not any, any legal knowledge and you opponent is the MEP and lawyer Alex Voss. Vos is in Dutch fox, I think his last name is from origin Dutch.)

Je tante op een houtvlot!

Author:  Graaf Statler [ Sat Apr 20, 2019 1:35 am ]
Post subject:  Re: R.I.P. Pirate Party

#cnetz wrote:
Lieber @AxelVossMdEP , es gab nie eine Governance by Shitstorm durch die Digitalkonzerne!

Jimmy loves her on his tweet, but most of what she is claiming is simple untrue. Article 11 and 13 will not effect the Europa elections next month, because it is not a political item here in Europe. The Pirate Party really reached nothing because they where extreem poor informed and telling simple nonsens and lies, not worth to listen too. There slogans where lies, it was not about copyright because that is a national matter, it is no censuur because it is about copivio. There is no obligation for filters and sorry to say, but copyright laws in Europe are for around 1900. The pirate Party was a Hoax, it was never a serious party, it only existed on Wikipedia with pimped articles. I can not even vote for them! Julia Reda is not a important political, she is a lier and a nitwit.
Nothing is new except the responsibility change to the internet firms.

Governing by shitstorm with disinformation. Let we put a few things strait. Censor is about muting people (Ask the guys of Wikipediocrazy). Article 11 and 13 doesn't mute people and aloud a limited amount of remixing. So, for a creator there is not any limit. Article 11 and 13 is against copycats who are making in a easy way money with the creations of others and who ad not any creativity themself. And the internet firms get the obligation to keep the internet as clean as possible in the future.

And if you are in favourite or not of this new regulation is not the issue. It is about the lies and the disinformation what is constant spread, and yes, by you too Jimmy by spreading this disinformation on your twitter all the time.

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