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Post by Graaf Statler » Mon Apr 08, 2019 9:18 am

The strange effect is, the more data the boys gave there artificial intelligence, what they did in a perfect way, my privacy is in no way violated and slowly we have become best friends, the more crazy became there bot. But, what is the strangest, if you are in such a flamewar the reality change. The bot became real.
If you read now your summery Jack on WO it is clear, complete nonsens. But if you are in to it you can't see that, something I know now. You must at one moment just put your computer off and go to sleep.

It is what I call the "what is in a man's mind" effect, your brain is simple not able to see it is complete nonsens till it get really rediciles when you in such a flame war. And it is absolute clear to my surprise too, there is something eight dimensional what I don't understand. But what you can't replace by artificial intelligence. Very, very important to know for you guy's, see Boeing. A safety system what crashes lives.

It was stupide, it had been much better to put the complete system off than to fly on with it. Because the safety system was much more dangers than the safety it should give.

Ik zet het ook even in het Nederlands neer. Hoe meer data, des te gekker wordt het systeem en jijzelf bent nauwelijks in staat als je erin zit om te onderscheiden dat het onzin is, zelfs al weet je dat rationeel. En er is "een" dimensie meer, maar vraag me alsjeblieft niet wat dat is. God? Jezus? Mohamed? Ik vind het allemaal prachtig zolang ze zondag koffie drinken, bloemetjes aan bejaarden brengen, prachtige kerkdiensten houden met vooral veel wierook, maar mag het allemaal daarbij blijven? Sinterklaas is toch ook leuk? En kerst toch ook met al die lampjes? En vooral niet allerlei mensen dingen opdringen of allerlei verdrietige dingen gaan doen

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