Four things European legislators will never do

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Four things European legislators will never do

Post by Graaf Statler » Sun Apr 07, 2019 6:48 pm ... net-again/

I always like to read the blogpost of WMF, special if jan Gerlach is involved. I don't think anyone reads them, but at least one person have read them. They are in general written by persons who are extreem bad informed is about Europe, in general complete unrealistic. They are about thinks what never gonna happen. Often because it is legal imposible, or in general imposible, or simple agains the existing national laws. and that makes them so special, because they are complete useless, nobody will ever listen to them.

But what made this posting so extra special is the fact it is complete unclear what point they wants to make. OK, normal there blogposts are very clear, Julia Reda for president and away with copyright. At least you understood where it was about although it was complete nonsens. The Pirate Party is taking Europe over and the pirate revolution is in the air in the streets of Europe. It is a hot European summer. Indeed, the weather in Europe was nice in summer last year.

But this blogpost........
How Jan Gerlach ever became a lawyer is a mystery to me, just as the other wiki lawyers. It is about freedom of expression, but as far I understand it is the normal Pirate Party shit, fuck copyright. Because what freedom of expression they want to safe, i really don't know. After several times reading it is still absolute unclear to me.

Stop treating the internet like one giant, private social media platform

What for the fuck he is claiming, I really don't know.

Let courts decide, not machines.

? Be glad courts doesn't decide, and copyvio is simple copyvio. Has nothing to do with a court. A court let you pay, punish you, is that what you want? Are you a massorgist Jan?

Do not overturn the principles of free expression

What freedom, Jan? Only copyvio will be forbidden, the rest is free. Have you any idea what principes of free expresion means, Jan? Because I don't think so.

Do not force websites to remove legal content

Nobody does Jan, it is against illegal content.

Shall I say what this blogpost is? Simple Jan, Utter Fucking Bullshit written by a bunch of legal lunatics.

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