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Enigmatic Admin Action

Post by Graaf Statler » Fri Apr 26, 2019 5:52 pm

https://wikipediocracy.com/forum/viewto ... 19#p237051

Newyorkbrad wrote:A related issue is that even if this change were made on En-WP and perhaps a couple of others, the paid-employee approach might not be viable for all language wikis. That being said, I'm not sure how things that would currently be handled as Office actions on En-WP, are dealt with on smaller wikis where no one in the Office speaks the language.

Ah, i think I can answer that last question.

James Alexander is a formal sysop how had much interest in the incubator and crap editors. And the group De Wikischim, Ymnes, and other crap editors like Mdd and Romaine wanted to get ride of both me and Whaledad because we where handeling copyright on a high level on Wikiquote.
Because they had that insane plan with the blessing of Romaines Belgium chapter, and the Dutch chapter to change the European copyright with there "Brussels Advocating group" and the Pirate Party of Reda. And they wanted to make a restart of Wikinews, what Jillian mentioned before. Ymnes was very interested in both the Dutch wikinews as in Jimmy"s Wikitribune in that time. And you have to understand that they all have huge mental defect, Romaine is even not able to work and has some state support like most of these guys have. So, my press was bad.

And WMF checkes nothing, because when Sandra promoted a bunch of gender articles what was hard porn in the annual report nobody noticed. I gave the links some time before. They are free to do whatever they want.

But who was the "secret leading hand" in that time on WP-NL? Who was and a Arb, and a powerful sysop on WP-NL and a formal arb on WP-EN aan sysop there? Who was the most trusted user wo spoke both Dutch and English? Yes, exacte, master troll professor Drmies who had already fixed a global locked because my work was not copyvio to help Ymnes. You can find it all on aggies WR.

So that Global Ban of me is a combination of putting a clown like Alexander on such a high postion in WMF, a person who had his roots deep in the crap part of Wikipedia in combination with the marvels troll work of our own Dutch Drmies aka natuur12. For sure with a little help of a other briljant troll De Kolonel, absolute the most genius troll I have ever seen.

I hope this answer was a bit helpful because multi talent Alexander who had plans to go to law school has left the wiki house, isn't it? So he can't tell you this anymore.

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