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Golden: Mapping human knowledge

Posted: Fri May 03, 2019 2:56 pm
by CrowsNest
A potential Wikipedia killer here, ironically set up by a fan of Wikipedia.

First, to really scare the Wikipedians, here is now it will be similar to aims to be a free and publicly accessible knowledge repository, hosting all of its content on CC licensing, allowing ordinary humans to edit, tracking all changes.

It is talking the Wikipedia model and applying the sort of improvements that they would want to make, if only they had the money, organisation and talent to do so. They are using AI and other technology to make it easier for humans to focus on the aspects of creating a knowledge base that the human mind is best at, while leaving the grunt work to computers.

They have seemingly embraced the aspect of Wikipedia that the elite content guardians have tried to keep Joe public away from - the ability to make quick and small improvements from a mobile device - while still allowing people to build entire pages if that is their desire.

They have rejected Wikipedia's long since discredited claim that anyone can edit, but you need nothing more than a Facebook or Google account to sign up. The Terms of Use established between them and their users seem to be identical to Wikipedia, with the notable difference of requiring users to be 13 or over.

They have embraced the idea that a knowledge base that is immediately editable, is most useful when reflecting the most timely and relevant information on a topic. They have realised the absolute criticality to this sort of open editing model of source-text integrity, something Wikipedia has failed to do in practice, despite all their policies and propaganda.

They have a clear sense of how they are going to pay for all of this, and they have a clear sense of who is ultimately in charge of and responsible for how the thing works (a private, for profit company), while making sure to take advantage of all the ways volunteers can help them stay afloat and provide a useful public service, if they so wish.

They are embracing the concept of neutrality and rejecting any and all forms of marketing speak, while doing away with the idea there is any company or product too small to be included in their knowledge base. They are embracing video and sound as content, as well as text and images.

There seems to be no sense that they view metadata or even data as one thing and text as another, to be compartmentalized in two warring camps for the right to be called knowledge. Here the two are seemingly presented seamlessly side by side, and indeed worryingly for Wikipedia, it appears they are intitially seeding their knowledge base not with crudely imported Wikipedia articles, but by simply using Wikidata to identify where they might have a gap in their knowledge base. But it is also clear this is going to be more than just an exercise in importing Wikidata.

They are clearly setting their sights on a lofty goal, a genuinely comprehensive knowledge base using mere existence (presumably verifiability) and public need as their criteria for inclusion, not Wikipedia's tiresome notability framework. As we saw with Wikipedia, sometimes a grand all encompassing vision is what you need to do to get the public enthused, which they will need to do to make a success of this enterprise.

The obvious doubts are now they propose to manage editorial disputes, but if that ends up being no different to how Wikipedia does it, well, it is clear everything else they are offering is better than Wikipedia does it now, or likely will be doing it in five years time, so they have a clear competitive advantage. The thing they are competing for obviously, is readers, editors, and credibility.

I wish them luck.


Re: Golden: Mapping human knowledge

Posted: Fri May 03, 2019 3:07 pm
by CrowsNest
On man.....the Wikipedians are gonna FREAK. ... ting-guide

Re: Golden: Mapping human knowledge

Posted: Fri May 03, 2019 4:29 pm
by Graaf Statler
Indeed HTD.

AS long Google keep on with there perverse kickstart giving to everything what is Wikipedia or related to Wikipedia or WMF nothing will ever change. They give them much to much precedency, rank there articles and wiki persons much to high, give them the change to collect much to much bullshit money, the fault s Google's. They want the work of the violators for free, doesn't matter how shitty they are and block in this way every competitor. For there algorithms and the rest of there system. Free labor to capitalise for almost nothing.

Bad behaving is rewarded in this way, and good not. It leads to nothing at the long run, the only result is at the end you have a tremendous junk yard, ruined your name and are kicked out everywhere and if you have bad luck you end even up in prison. Because I predict you, Byzantium Europe beats at one moment back you won't believe, and than you are nothing with your shitty silicon firm. Really nothing. All sights are red at the moment. it is clear the game is over.

Because Europe don't like powerful monopolists in there backyard. They don't tolerate them and I am long enough living in Europe to know how they solve such a problem. I always say the same, ask Varoufakis, he has even wrote books about his nasty experiences with Europe. I have seen from close by what they did to him, his American Professor he had with him, a nobel price winner, and to Greece.
Yes, they still eat grass there, to learn the others don'y play games with us. A lesson to complete South Europe. The same story here, don't try to play games with Byzantium Europe, Silicon Vally. And believe one thing from a old man, a the moment madam Merkel has pointed her thumb down, mark the words of Alex Voss, it is over. Look, that is what you can call real woman power. Merkel, a woman with balls under her belt.

And let me learn you a few things about European politics. Forget elections. Forget parliaments including the Europarlement. Forget East Europe. Forget South Europe. Watch only Madam Merkel and with who she is talking from North Europe. It can be Mark Rutte, Marcon, someone from Austria, but that is it.
And then only watch the thumb of Merkel, that is the only thing you must take care of. Because Mutti Merkel is the big boss, simple as that and as she has spoken she went home and it simple happend. Brussels Advocating Group or not, that will change nothing. And Frans timmerman said she was right and Holland is a province of Germany. So the message is clear. HTD.

Mark my words. With Greece I was also right.