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Post by CrowsNest » Wed May 15, 2019 6:36 pm

A Wikipedia Administrator on the subject of backlogs......
......I have no problem explaining to an editor that reviewing a draft article is a challenging task and waiting a couple months is not an unreasonable expectation. I have a much tougher time explaining why someone asking a simple question, wishing to donate an image to us, or asking for an account so that they can contribute, should expect to wait 3 to 12 months for a response......S Philbrick(Talk) 15:03, 14 May 2019 (UTC)
Perhaps they have become so used to backlogs being the norm on their failing project, they can't see that what they apparently now see as not unreasonable (waiting two months to have a draft approved) is unacceptable, and what they apparently only see as tough sell (waiting 12 months for an account of image release) is utterly insane.

As has become the norm on Wikipedia, the answer to this problem is not find out why so few people want to join our happy cult, it is create more technology to compensate for the fact the size of the cult keeps shrinking. Or that old favourite, hey, can we not just pay people to do this shit? Or hand it off to the WMF? No dude. You fucking moron. You joined a cult, not a business.

And of course, the real problem is RfA, they say. It is broken, they say. To that, I say to have a look at what the latest recruit RexxS promised he was going to do as an Adminsitrator - "helping with any backlogs". Is he doing that? The guy these exact same fucks fought so hard for as a "net positive". Is he fuck. He's doing what he wanted to do with his new powers - fucking with templates and protecting his own interests (the two being largely the same).

What they don't seem to realise is they already have more than enough Administrators to deal with the workload, they're just not doing it. None of it is difficult or time consuming, it is just tedious and thankless. That is hardly the fault of RfA, it passes mindless grunts no problem. It's a fundamental problem for their volunteerism model. It's no secret Wikipedia has never been about altruistic effort, that altruism has merely been a side effect. Their inability to get a handle on the backlogs, at least with any regularity once the latest guilt tripping work drive has been forgotten, is a symptom of the bankruptcy of the model.

Some people (including the head honcho Maher) like to say Wikipedia shouldn't work, but it does. The lying fucks either don't know or don't care about this shit.

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Re: Backlogs

Post by Graaf Statler » Wed May 15, 2019 9:00 pm

CrowsNest wrote:Some people (including the head honcho Maher) like to say Wikipedia shouldn't work, but it does. The lying fucks either don't know or don't care about this shit.

Ah, Katherine Maher the algorithm queen and global heater wit her immense carbon food print. Maher is rising the global temperature one degree with all here complete useless roadshow around the world. That woman has in the three years she is the director of WMF nothing achieved what is good for wikipedia. It is all some shitty social justice bullshit she is predicting, but that is it.....
Wikipedia shouldn't work, but it does. No dear Katherine, it doesn't. It simple doesn't. And you are ruining your future because one day there is no twitter to safe you, like they did with Alexander. And then you can serve hamburgers.

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