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Post by jx903349048 » Tue Nov 24, 2020 9:06 pm

A universe in which Wikipedians replace other Wikipedians and fulfill those Wikipedians roles on Wikipedia past present and future (ie the time period of their Wiki careers matches the time period of the wiki careers of the users that they replace instead of the time period of their wiki careers in our universe, ie MuzeMike replaces Bbb23 and keeps editing in the same role AND as long as Bbb23 does instead of MuzeMike being less active in the mid 2010s) When I say 'wiki roles' I mean not only user rights but niches, ie Widr will block less people in Mz7's role (since Mz7 blocked less people than Widr) but Widr will still have his unique ability in taking up Mz7's role while still fulfulling it)

Universe 1
  • MuZemike rpl Bbb23
    Materialscientist rpl Callanecc
    Callanecc rpl Mike V

    Hickory Ought Shirt rpl AE
    One5969 rpl Barkeep49
    Newslinger rpl Bradv
    AE (Abel something Es something) rpl CLCStudent
    Monty rpl Creffet (GN)
    JJMC89 rpl DannyS712
    Flooded with them Hundreds rpl Girt Summit
    Leaky Caldron rpl Guy Macon
    El C rpl Jauerback
    JzG rpl Jytdog
    Andrevan rpl JzG
    There's no Time rpl L235
    Chris Troutman rpl L293D
    Mr Potto rpl Levivich
    Lee Vilenski rpl Luk3
    Bootshift rpl Moneytrees
    Widr rpl Mz7
    Smallbones rpl Natureim
    Creffet (GN) rpl Nosebagbear
    Thesanddoctor rpl power en wiki
    Ninjarobotpirate rpl Primefac
    SoWhy rpl RHaworth
    MONGO rpl Swarm
    Primefac rpl thesanddoctor

    NawlinWiki rpl NeilN
    Gilliam rpl Materialscientist
    NeilN rpl Favonian
    Ponyo rpl MuZemike
    Favonian rpl Zzuuzz
    RickinBaltimore rpl Oshwah
    General Ization rpl NinjaRobotPirate

    Alexf rpl Acroterion
    KrakatoaKate rpl Alexf
    Sro23 rpl Vanjagenije

    Winkelvi rpl Clpo13
    Stwalkerster rpl NativeForeigner

    Timtrent rpl NE Ent
    Liz rpl GorillaWarfare

    MER-C rpl SQL
    King of Hearts rpl Berean Hunter
    Xander756 rpl Salvidrim

    Irisdescent rpl Biblioworm
    Mazca rpl Mkdw
    Excirial rpl Nakon

    The Anome rpl Bsadowski1
    Casliber rpl Newyorbrad

    Zzuuzz rpl Widr
    TonyBallioni rpl Edgar181
    Clpo13 rpl BU Rob13

    Persian Poet Gal rpl Can't Sleep Clown Will Eat Me
    JamesBWatson rpl TonyBallioni

    Kevin Forsyth rpl Mr Potto
    Oshwah rpl Sro23
    Shellwood rpl General Ization
    Flyer 22 rpl Shellwood
    Stevietheman rpl Kevin Forsyth

    Acroterion rpl Reaper Eternal
    Keilana rpl Kevin Gorman
    Cyberpower728 rpl GAB

    Dlohcierkim rpl Stwalkerster
    GiantSnowman rpl BMK

    Slakr rpl Gilliam
    Mark Arsten rpl JamesBWatson
    Kudpung rpl Ritchie333

    Elockid rpl NawlinWiki
    Nuclear Warfare rpl Bongwarrior
    Reaper Eternal rpl Gogo Dodo
    Thine Antique Pen rpl Elockid

    Guerillero rpl Courcelles
    JustBerry rpl Cassianto

    Diannaa rpl Ponyo
    JHochman rpl Drmies
    Bongwarrior rpl Dord

    Kevin Gorman rpl Dennis Brown
    Worm that Turned rpl Kudpung
    Colton Cosmic rpl Kumioko

    Giano rpl Grawp

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Re: Replaceable

Post by Strelnikov » Thu Nov 26, 2020 12:42 am

"Good times, Good times....." -- Adam Corolla after the "fun" calls on LoveLine, late 1990s.
Still "Globally Banned" on Wikipedia for the high crime of journalism.

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Re: Replaceable

Post by ericbarbour » Thu Nov 26, 2020 8:49 am

Giano rpl Grawp
hah, already done....

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