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Has Texas successfully outlawed Wikipedia?

Posted: Fri Sep 23, 2022 5:09 pm
by ericbarbour
According to the Federal 5th Circuit's a "social network" under the stupid Texas law. Twitter doesn't qualify ("because the Texas legislature, the Texas executive branch, and foolish judges like Andy Oldham don’t actually understand any of this. They’re just real angry that Donald Trump got banned from Twitter for being an ass.") but Wikipedia does qualify. The shitshow just keeps getting shitter. ... -in-texas/
Wikipedia must also create (I’m already laughing) an email address where users can send complaints and a whole “complaint system.”
I don’t see how that can happen.
Mr. Masnick, who edited his own Wikipedia article, apparently knows nothing about the noticeboards. Dysfunctional and useless, but they all still operate. Wikipedia's "Contact Us" page still gives an email ( for complaints, but follows it with
Please refrain from emailing about disagreements with content; they will not be resolved via email.
The Mediation Committee was shut down in 2018 so there's no more "mediation" available. You got a beef, you post it on a noticeboard and watch as administrators and their sockpuppets scream at you.