The Daily Mail ban will haunt Wikipedia (and Wikipediocracy) forever

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Re: The Daily Mail ban will haunt Wikipedia (and Wikipediocracy) forever

Post by ericbarbour » Mon Nov 27, 2023 7:02 pm

ChaosMeRee wrote:
Mon Nov 27, 2023 3:15 pm
What caught my eye about this piece, was a part of it whose significance to Wikipedia would most definitely not have registered with either an Hemiauchenia or a Cullen. Not even a Jess Wade. DEFINITELY not a Jess Wade.
Yeah, but....the Daily Mail, which has been openly and publicly banned on WP from use as a "reference", went directly to Jimbo The Dimbo for quotes. Instead of digging for some actual facts, all the greasy little journalist-things automatically consult The Golden Shower Of Wales for his insipid and usually half-baked quoty-quotes. As if he still mattered. As if the DM were covering tech-industry issues as a serious publication. I find this rather bizarre.
Despite his criticism of current generative AI models, Wales has not ruled out AI being used for Wikipedia.
Chances are excellent that ChatGPT text is already being inserted into WP content as I type this. Because "IT'S FREE!!"

Wait till the makers of this AI software start the usual SAAS demands for a monthly fee. Most major software makers are doing this; it's an easy bet that AI companies are drooling for a chance to go the same way.

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