List of Dutch expressions and the Meaning.

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List of Dutch expressions and the Meaning.

Post by Graaf Statler » Thu Nov 09, 2017 4:32 pm

Under construction, is only about the question, is something what is said sexists, because there it is about. Nothing else. And I try to make a translation whit a context, but please tell me if something is not clear or wrong.

Theobald to Alice Alice2Alice

*Zo minkukeltje - denk je echt dat je leugens zo waarheid worden?
**So, minkukkel- do you really think your lies become the true in this way? (Minkukkel is a funny word to say someone is a big nothing.)
#Not sexists.
#No insulte.

*Je bent kennelijk iemand die dit soort onderscheidingen niet weet te maken en je zaait daarmee ernstig twijfel aan je geschiktheid hier bij te dragen.
**You are not suitable to contributing on wikipedia.
#Not sexists.
#No insulte

*Het gedrag van Alice2Alice, een zeer met zichzelf ingenomen broddelaar met een manifeste inquisitie-mentaliteit, heeft me zeer gestoord, en daarom heb ik wat bozige bijdragen geleverd.
**Something about the behaving of Alice, and he (Theoblad) is irritated, and that was the reason he said some nasty things. (
#Not sexists.
#Complete nonsens to call this a insult.

*Ik zal het schelden weglaten, maar dat je een oetlul bent, staat vast.
** will not scream, but you are a oetlul. (A oetlul is a very old fashion word, I think most Dutch don't know it, and it sounds funny. Lul is prick. Oet? I don't know the word.)
#Not sexists
#No insulte

*O nee, klootharkje?
**O no, klootharkje? (I don't know this word, but kloot means testicle and hark a rake]. Looks very innocent to me.)
#Not sexsist.
#No insulte

Theobald to Elly

*Dag Ellywa, Het ware beter geweest als iemand uw keeltje had dichtgeknepen bij uw geboorte. (Theobald excuses himself in public, he never meant this literally)
**Hi Elly, It had been better if someone had chocked you after you was born. In the same category as drop dead,
#Not sexists.
#Is drop dead a insult? I don't think so.

*De kwade trouw en de incompetentie druipen af van bijna alle bijdragen die Gebruiker:Ellywa levert.
**Elly is incompetent and malicious
#Not sexists.
#No insult, it is the treu.

*Ik ben helemaal geen anonieme stalker; ik confronteer je gewoon met je niet onaanzienlijke kwaadaardigheid en gebreken.
**I am not a anomius stalker, I confrontatie you with you malice and incompetence.
#Not sexist
#Complete insane to name this a insult.

*Kwaadaardig teringwijf.
**Malicious teringwijf.. (Tering wife means literally tuberculosis wife, but nobody will notice this literal meaning when he uses this term. It is something like bitch. And Theobald used this word after the speech of Elly, in the village pump.)
#Not sexsist.
#No insult, it is a curse.

Theobald to Van Buren

Just a funny term. (Something you can say to a friend. It is very old-fashioned and sounds funny.)
#Not sexists.
#Ridiculous to name this a insult, I had never heard of the word before!

Edo to Graaf Statle (Spontaneous email)

*Mr. Auschwitz about LLM Ausma
#There are clinics were they can help him.
#Not sexists.

*Jullie is jodenvolk
**Jews are less. (Very hard to translate, because English does't have the terms je en u for you. The insult is hidden.)
#Not sexists.

*And many, many other insults.
#Not sexists.

*The Banner to Graaf Statle (Spontaneous email)

*Ik hoop dat jij je snel bij je voorvaderen voegt.
**Referring to my family killed in Sobibor.
#Not sexists.

Graaf Staler to Natuur12.

**Farmers prick. (What he is.)
#Not sexists

Graaf Statler about Trijnstel

*Baby snatcher (Often)
**I called here a baby snatcher for here dirty game here. The wink to Ymnes ;), who does obvious not understand were it is all about or what a global lock is, is disgusting.
# Not sexists.

#Not sexists, or maybe it is. But a doctor is a doctor, a troll a troll, and a digital whore a digital whore. So, I think myself it's not sexists.

Graaf Statler to James Alexander

*You are a big, fat troll
**He is 1) big 2) fat 3) a troll.
#Not sexists


There are heavy insult, some things are not insulting, but nothing is sexist.

*Alice is a man and a lier, and the gender gap lady's too with there 21 old student and intern in the newspaper. Or they never look on Wikipedia what there college is doing. Or they are fooled by him, but anyway, they lied in that newspaper.
Never seen a woman with a prick and balls, who is a sex maniac and knows every sex game and brothel of the Netherlands.
*Elly is a lier too with here #MeToo. And malicious.
*Sandra is also a lier, because she knows what is going on. It was a dirty plan to hurt Theobald on WMC, a ex WP-NL college. Or is she to autistic to understand what is going on? Is possible. But it's anyhow nonsens to pay here more than 6K a mount donor money!
*The Banner and Edo have to seek for psychiatric help.
*Romaine/Natuur12 too, because this is not normal.
*Tip for Trijnstel, as a digital hooker you can make a lot of money on the internet! Webcam sex for autistic boy's?

*Paul Brussel starts to understand he, and others are complet been fooled by WMF, WM-NL, and that De Graaf is.......right about the Dutch copyright!
RJB Knew this in a earlier stage, but kept his mouth shut. And I think Ijzeren Jan, Josq, De Wikischim and CaAL and some others too. Whaledad is OK, because he always helped me. Always! But remember, it was a Hotel California situation, only Elly and Alice are really bad with there revenge on WMC and porn articles. The rest panicked. And WMF knew about the situation, but didn't know how to fix it, and starting trolling too at the end. And there panic was complete because of this paper. All made by myself and found out without any advice or help. Not bad for three years primary school in five years, isn't it? Because that was the reason for that Global ban, and now WMF is deep in the shit legal.....
Because they were already warned in 2013 by Sue Gardner!

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