Abd banned from the WMF projects

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Re: Abd banned from the WMF projects

Post by Abd » Mon Apr 09, 2018 7:40 pm

ericbarbour wrote:Ask this guy about Google defamation:
https://www.npr.org/sections/alltechcon ... rom-google

the page has been taken down pending editorial review. It was in google cache, so I could read it, but attempts to archive that from cache failed.(One with a 404 error from Google, the other from an actual cache that was still available. I did copy the content onto a blog page, but made it private because it is copyright NPR.)
Oliver Smith made google requests, documented on my blog. Those pages are now password protected, a little precaution. If you google Oliver D. Smith using a proxy server from the U.K, you get the redacted results, but there is a note, and then, following the link, you can read the complaints! The name has been redacted from them, but I was able to find the original posts by filling in the name, and various searches.
This guy outed and doxxed many, but is now running very scared. Even though he wrote extensively about me here, so I responded, he claimed that my posts here were proof I was still attacking him, and so ... well, it's an amazing story. Oliver D. Smith came completely unglued, see his emails and my analysis.

Summary of the new claims:
    He made up the brother story years ago to get unblocked on Wikipedia.
    He fed the story to many, fooling them. It was a joke, and funny as hell.
    He lied to Tim Farley. [a well-known skeptic, suspected of involvement with paid editing, which may or may not be true. Farley, however, is nothing like the Smiths and I'm sure would not approve of what they do. Hence the lie.]
    His real brother’s name is now being published. [It is!]
    Yet his real brother isn’t involved at all. [Is he?]
    Nobody is paid, that was all his deception.
    He’s the victim of massive harassment.
    And Lomax is crazy for declaring as possible the story that Oliver made up and repeated for many years.

So we have a choice here: he was lying for years, again and again, to many people and in many places, or he is lying now. Or both. I pick both, with the provision that he occasionally told the truth, until his brother and family came down hard on him for shooting off his mouth. After all, his brother was being paid (likely), whereas Oliver was fucking up his life and the life of many others for free.

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